Let's Briefly Introduce the Application of Enzymes Immune Detector in Pesticides and Food

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The enzyme missionary instrument is commonly known as the enzyme -linked immunohistic detection instrument. It can be simply divided into two categories: semi -automatic and fully automatic, but its working principles are basically the same. The core of its core is a color meter, that is, the color method is used to analyze the content of the antigen or antibody. Clinical examination, biology research, agricultural science, food and environmental science. Let me introduce the application of enzyme -linked immune detector in pesticides and food.

1. Fast diagnosis of animal epidemic.

The enzyme -linked immune analyzer adopts the enzyme -linked immune adsorption measurement method and the corresponding reagent with a qualitative or quantitative animal disease diagnosis. Such as: pork blue ear virus, swine fever virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus, pig pseudo -rabies virus GE protein, pig ring virus, pork type encephalitis virus, pig mouth hoof disease 3ABC protein, pig mouth hoof disease virus IgG, pork fine virus, chicken chicken, chicken Bird flu, blue tongue disease, white spot syndrome, cattle infectious pleural pneumonia, cattle plague, cotton acne, and sheep acne detection.

Second, pesticide residues.

Organic phosphorus pesticides are commonly used in agricultural production in my country. Common types include methylmine, dichlorvos, oxygen fruit, phosphorus, and enemies. Most of them are highly toxic pesticides. By reducing the activity of cholthyne enzymes in the body, delayed neurotoxicity is caused, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating pests. The enzyme -linked immune detector can be used to detect the methamidine content contained in fruits and vegetables.

Third, food safety

The enzyme -linked immune analysis method uses the special nature of the antibody and the corresponding antigen to detect the antibody contained in the food based on this. The immune enzyme method is to use specific enzymes as detection tags and reaction catalysts. The use of this method can be used to effectively avoid using radioactive elements during the detection process, or to conduct orientation and quantitative analysis of the detected objects. , Chemical residue, edible oil testing, water and wine beverage analysis, condiments, edible pigment, etc.

At present, more automatic enzyme -linked immune detectors can be used for qualitative detection and quantitative detection. The detection only takes a few hours. It not only reduces the labor intensity of laboratory personnel, but also greatly improves the accuracy and repeatability of the determination. This is conducive to the further commercialization of ELISA technology in detection and analysis.

Let's Briefly Introduce the Application of Enzymes Immune Detector in Pesticides and Food 1

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