Is There Any Side Effects of Non -invasive Ventilator for Long -term Use of Slow Pulmonary Patients?

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Under normal circumstances, patients with slow pulmonary blockers do not use non -invasive ventilator. It can be said that most patients with slow pulmonary obstructive pulmonary patients need to use ventilator to have carbon dioxide retention problems. Many patients start using ventilator during an acute seizure in hospitalization. If the patient also has chronic carbon dioxide retention phenomenon for a long time during the stability of the condition, it is necessary to use non -invasive ventilator at home.

Some patients and family members are afraid of whether there is a side effect of long -term use of non -invasive ventilators. In fact, there are more concerns like this. First of all, it is not uncomfortable to use a ventilator for patients with slow lung. On the contrary, it feels easier to use this home medical device to a certain extent. Secondly, the use of the ventilator at home has no side effects at home. On the contrary, it can be used to restore a certain lung function.

The main cause of slow pulmonary lung is blocked in the internal pipeline of the lungs. When the patient will have symptoms such as dyspnea, the cause is also well understood, that is, the breathing is not smooth, and it needs to double the breathing. Difficulties in breathing.

Houseless ventilator used by patients with slow pulmonary patients does not breathe from patients, but helps patients at the patient's breathing stage. For example, if the patient is inhaled, and under normal circumstances, due to the blockage of the pipe pipe, the patient needs to inhale hard to get the air. After using the ventilator, the patient's breathing opportunity will increase the pressure when inhaling, then the patient's inhalation will be much easier than before, and the amount of gas in suction is more than before. When the patient exhales, the breathing opportunity will be reduced. At this time, the patient's exhalation will be much easier, and the exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide in the alveoli will also be discharged with exhalation. The whole process is the patient's control of the ventilator and the patient's breathing drives the ventilator.

Patients with slow pulmonary patients before they felt that their breathing was more tired because the pneumothorum blocked caused the control of the breathing muscles (diaphragmicus) very fatigue. When the patient used the ventilator, the patient's diaphragm would be rest. When the diaphragm is resting, it will become powerful, and the patient will feel that the breathing strength is greater than before, even if the ventilator does not use the ventilator, the reason is that the diaphragm muscle has been fully rest.

Patients with slow pulmonary use non -invasive ventilator at home are not used for 24 hours. It is recommended to use it every night and suck more oxygen during the day. It would be better if it cooperates with appropriate exercise.

Is There Any Side Effects of Non -invasive Ventilator for Long -term Use of Slow Pulmonary Patients? 1

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