Is the Home Non -invasive Ventilator Selected Online Or Offline. Which Is Better?

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Household non -invasive ventilator is made by the establishment of a pressure difference with mechanical devices, which produces the power principle of lung ventilation. It has the role of replacement, control or assisting the human body's respiratory exercise, to achieve open airway or reduce the function of respiratory muscle, and improve the difficulty of breathing.

In recent years, with the improvement of medical diagnosis and treatment and the improvement of people's self -care awareness, patients with non -invasive ventilator at home have increased significantly. Therefore, homeless ventilator is also favored by the public.

At present, there are two main channels for buying ventilators, buying online and online purchases. So, which channel to choose is better?

Buy online. Advantages: You can freely choose products that compare with each brand model; and some merchants will have free trial services. Disadvantages: Many online merchants will not provide on -site services. If you encounter problems, you or return the product or guide the operation remotely.

Buy physical stores. Advantages: You can see the real thing and can experience it at any time; and after -sales service is more convenient, and staff can come to the door. Disadvantages: physical stores generally do not place too many brands. For example, if you want to try the ventilator of two brands of Yi'an and Risimai at the same time, you may need to go to different agency stores to achieve.

Generally, homeless ventilator can be divided into dual horizontal ventilator and single -level ventilator. Single -horizontal ventilator is a pressure on exhalation and inhalation. It is mainly used for young patients with good cardiopulmonary function. Dual -level ventilator is two pressures. Inhale pressure and exhalation pressure. The comfort during use is relatively high, and the machine sensitivity is high. Pressure sensors and high -performance motors are essential for good sleep ventilator.

Therefore, before buying home non -invasive ventilator, you should go to the hospital for sleep monitoring. According to the doctor's suggestion, determine the category of the vessels required, and then select the model according to the condition of the trial machine and personal economic conditions. You can choose a machine with heating and humidification devices to improve discomfort such as drying.

Is the Home Non -invasive Ventilator Selected Online Or Offline. Which Is Better? 1

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