Is Sleeping and Respiratory Suspension Syndrome Useful to Wear a Dual -horizontal Ventilator?

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I believe that many friends will snoring when they sleep. Most people think that this is the fragrance of sleeping and sleeping. In fact, snoring is a great impact on human health. Severe people are likely to suffer from sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome. Sleep respiratory suspension syndrome is a kind of clinical syndrome that repeatedly occurs in respiratory suspension, hypertonic carbonate, and sleep interruption, which causes a series of pathological changes in the body. Essence

If there is a suspension of breathing while sleeping, this time varies from person to person. It is only a few seconds, the long one can reach two or three minutes, and then you can get angry or be awakened. Okay, no deep sleep, drowsiness during the day, sleepy, and inattention. Severe symptoms can cause low blood oxygen saturation, arrhythmia, diabetes, and stroke diseases, and severe death will suddenly die.

So, is it useful for wearing a dual -level ventilator for patients with sleep respiratory suspension syndrome?

Sleep respiratory suspension syndrome is divided into mild, moderate and severe. For this symptom, at present, the effective treatment method that academia can confirm is positive pressure ventilation (sleep ventilator), otolaryngomy, oral appliances, and oral correction. Among them, the household dual -level ventilator is a small and safe treatment method to patients. Even if the ventilator is used to assist the patient's breathing to avoid the symptoms more and more, leading to complications.

The basic principle of dual -horizontal ventilator is to generate pressure differences with the body through the machine, instead, control or change the normal physiological respiration of people, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce breathing skills, and save heart reserves.

Household dual -level ventilator is a machine that treats sleep and respiratory suspension. You can use ventilator at home to treat sleep apnea or snoring symptoms. Sleep ventilator can improve sleep conditions. Our company's S9600 S/T home ventilator is a fully automatic ventilator, which is mainly used to treat adult obstructive sleep quality suspension syndrome (SAS). On the day of use, all symptoms such as snoring, breathing suspension, low ventilation, and hypoxia can be used.

Is Sleeping and Respiratory Suspension Syndrome Useful to Wear a Dual -horizontal Ventilator? 1

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