Is It True for the Test Results of the Nucleic Acid Detection in Half an Hour? Introduction of Nucle

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Generally speaking, the social test provided by medical institutions can produce results within 12 hours, and results can be achieved in some areas for 4-6 hours, but for some people who are rushing, the faster the better. Recently, some people on the Internet claim that "the results can be tested for half an hour, but it takes additional charges." So, can it really produce the results in half an hour? What are the steps of nucleic acid detection?

After the extraction sample is sent to the inspection department, there are about 8 steps:

Step: Disinfection. After the specimen was sent to the inspection department, the staff used 75%alcohol to spray the disinfection specimen's outer packaging.

Step : The sample is lively. Place the sample to 56 C for 45 minutes to make the virus lose infection, disease and reproduction ability to ensure the safety of detection.

Step : Check and entry of sample information. Including the test number, name, age, gender, identity information, etc. of the sample.

Step : Nucleic acid extraction. The oscillating sample is about 10 seconds, and the pathogens on the wound are eluted in the virus care solution as much as possible; then the 200UL sample to the sample cracking solution is used to extract the sample nucleic acid with a fully automatic nucleic acid extract (magnetic bead method). Most hospitals use 96 -pellet nucleic acid automatic extract instruments, which can handle 96 samples at the same time. The whole process takes at least half an hour.

Step : Preparation of the PCR reaction system. Configure the PCR reaction liquid of the corresponding amount according to the number of samples to the PCR eight -united pipe.

Step : Add nucleic acid template and PCR amplification detection. Add the extracted virus nucleic acid to the CE reagent of the nucleic acid extension, and the nucleic acid amplification detection is performed through the PCR fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument. It takes about 60-80 minutes depending on the reagents and "equipment" used by various hospitals.

Step: The test is completed, the test results are judged, and the data is reported to the information system.

Step : High -pressure sterilization. After the test is done, the medical waste generated during the experiment is required for high -pressure sterilization treatment, and then handled in accordance with the general medical waste treatment process.

In addition to these testing steps, the extracted nucleic acid is also sent to the inspection department. Generally, the sampling point and the detection point are not together. It is impossible to pick one and send one, so some time is delayed here. From the above, we can see that it is usually 2-4 hours from the clinical collection sample to the release of nucleic acid tests from clinical collection samples. The result is left and right.

Is It True for the Test Results of the Nucleic Acid Detection in Half an Hour? Introduction of Nucle 1

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