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Recently, when many customers come to consult, it is easy for them to confuse the equipment of the home ventilator and the medical ventilator. They believe that the medical ventilator can also be used by home. In fact, it is not. Therefore, these two devices have different differences, and they are not a concept. Let s take a look at the editor of the Proven Medical Equipment manufacturer.

1. Use scene. Home ventilator is generally used in the family. Medical ventilator is generally used in hospitals and does not support home use.

2. Machine performance. The price of household ventilator is relatively cheap and small pressure. Medical ventilator has better performance and greater pressure.

3. Function function. Hedo -family ventilator is mainly used for snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, obesity and low ventilation, lung dysfunction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and carbon dioxide retention treatment. Medical ventilator has more functions and has a wider treatment of diseases.

Simply understand the differences between the two different equipment of medical ventilator and home ventilator, from 1. Use of the use scenarios: 2. The performance of the whole machine: 3. Function: Medical ventilator has more functions. Application is also becoming more and more extensive. The home ventilator is a common ventilator commonly used at home. The scope of the application is not so wide, there are certain limitations. Households and medical are strictly used.

For customers, when we are purchasing, we need to have a certain understanding of the basic differences and functions of its two equipment in order to choose the right product. Do not choose blindly, and the medical ventilator needs to be purchased in hospitals and specialized. Therefore, if you want more information about two devices, welcome to consult.

Is House Ventilator and Medical Ventilator the Same? What Is the Difference-Pu'ai Medical 1

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