Introduction to the Use of Household Non -invasive Ventilator and Daily Maintenance Methods

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With the increasing attention of everyone's health, homeless ventilator has also been widely used. From the beginning of the patients must use ventilators in the hospital for a long time, develop to family intermittent use of non -invasive ventilator, and home non -invasive ventilator is becoming more increasingly increasing The more people are accepted by more people, but some people are worried that it will be troublesome to use home non -invasive use. Let me briefly introduce the use of home non -invasive ventilator and daily maintenance methods.

First, connect the power, humidifier, and pipeline in front of the homeless ventilator, add distilled water to the humidifier, and the amount of water should be based on the MAX scale on the humidifier. Wear masks or nose masks, adjust the tightness, so that the mask or nose mask is fitted with the face.

Turn on the ventilator and turn on the wet switch. After the machine is normalized, the pipe is connected to the mask or nasal mask. Pay attention to check whether there is air leakage around the mask or nasal mask. Use your nose to breathe with your nose. If you want to speak or sputum, you should separate the ventilator pipe from the mask.

If you do not use the ventilator immediately after meals, you should rest for about 30 minutes before using it. If vomiting occurs during the process of using the ventilator, separate the ventilator pipe and mask immediately to avoid suffocation. After use, separate the pipe from the mask or nose, and then turn off the machine. The parameters of the ventilator should not be adjusted at will. If you feel that the airflow is too large or too small during use, you should seek the help of a physician, and adjust it under the guidance of the physician.

After using the home ventilator for treatment, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the home ventilator in time. This can increase the service life of the household ventilator, and at the same time, it has a very important effect on the effect of home ventilating machine treatment.

When using a home ventilator, in order to ensure the hygiene of the instrument, clean the mask once a day, and wash the filter and pipeline once every three days.

When there is no obvious stain on the surface of the instrument, you can wipe it with water; if there is stains or blood stains, it can be wiped with a disinfectant -containing disinfectant.

Wipe 75%alcohol in the nose (surface) cover before wipe it with water.

For the pipes on the ventilator, soak it with chlorine -containing disinfection water for 30 minutes, then rinse with flowing water, and dry it.

The headband can be cleaned with a cleaner and rinse it with water.

Introduction to the Use of Household Non -invasive Ventilator and Daily Maintenance Methods 1

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