Introduction to the Problems and Solutions That I Just Wear Home Breathing Opportunities

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The new crown allows more people to know the ventilator. The home ventilator can effectively treat the symptoms of sleep and respiratory suspension, slow lung blocking and other related diseases. However, home ventilator is a medical device product after all. In normal use, if it is not used properly, it may cause patient discomfort. Therefore, the use of household ventilator must be used under the guidance of a doctor or professionals. Patients who just wear home ventilator often encounter the following questions. The following editors will answer it for everyone.

Just used: When using the ventilator for the first time, it may feel uncomfortable. This is a normal phenomenon. After a few deep breaths, after a period of self -adjustment, patients will gradually adapt to this new feeling. Or use a smaller nasal pillow to replace the full face mask, and the nose pillow does not cover your vision like a mask and generates panic.

Getting up: If you need to get up at night, take the cover and turn off the ventilator. When you continue to sleep, please wear a mask and turn on the ventilator.

Mask: When the mask is well worn and comfortable, the ventilator is better. Leakage can affect the curative effect, so it is very important to eliminate air leakage. Before wearing a mask, please clean the face and remove excessive oil on the face, which helps to better wear a mask and extend the life of the mask.

Outlet leakage: If you use a nasal mask, you should close your mouth as much as possible when using a ventilator. Use a nose mask if necessary.

Drying problem: During use, the dryness of the nose, mouth, and pharynx may occur, which is more obvious in winter. Usually, a wetter can eliminate the above discomfort.

Nose stimulation: In the first few weeks of treatment, sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion may occur. Usually, a wetter can solve the above problems.

The home ventilator is convenient to use, but when used for the first time, pay attention to whether it will have discomfort. If discomfort occurs, the mask, parameters, etc. should be adjusted in time, and the patient should be given psychological guidance to reduce the patient's discomfort. Although the above problems may make it difficult for the first patient to adapt to ventilator treatment, adhering to your treatment plan is essential for your health. People who use the ventilator correctly will get a better rest and overcome the suspension of sleep and respiratory.

Introduction to the Problems and Solutions That I Just Wear Home Breathing Opportunities 1

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