Introduction to the Principles and Advantages of the Automatic Biochemical Analysis Instrument in th

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Clinical biochemical inspection technology, inspection items and inspection instruments have a position in the development of clinical examination disciplines. With the advancement of medical device technology, the development of hospital inspection technology has also continuously put forward higher renewal requirements for biochemical analysis instruments. It not only provides a scientific basis for the diagnosis of the disease, but also provides an important reference for the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Biochemical analysis instrument is also called a biochemical instrument. The principle is: the color liquid in the color cup from the multi -beam vertical monochrome beam, the absorption of the light energy by the sample measured by the sample is used by the photoelectric converter (such as the optical pipe) The signal is converted into the corresponding electrical signal. This signal is large, rectified, and converted into a digital signal. It is sent to the computer. Processing, computing, analysis, and preservation, printers printed the corresponding results at the same time. After each group of samples, the color cup was cleaned.

The advantages of the advantages of the Pulang Medical PUZS-600 series fully automated biochemical analysis instruments are as follows:

1. Detection speed: constant speed 600t/h;

2. The reaction position of the 120, using quartz comparison cups, can be used in a loop;

3. 90 samples, 90 refrigerated reagents, with barcode scanning function;

4. Adopt a post -lighting design, a full -closed light road system design, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement result at the same time as maintenance;

5. The unique design of water blank detection function and eliminating bubble interference functions to improve the accuracy of the detection results;

6. Chinese human -machine interaction interface, convenient and easy to use, meet the needs of various customers;

7. The instrument is open to the reagent, and the parameters can be set in advance according to the requirements of different reagents.

Biochemical analysis instruments have been widely used in hospitals at all levels. Different levels of hospitals are different from scientific needs and scientific research tasks. The choice of instrument models developed and produced by medical device companies is also different. The fully automated analysis instrument of the Pula Medical PUZS-600 series is known for its accurate results, powerful functions, and convenient operations. If you want to know the specific technical parameters of the product, please contact us.

Introduction to the Principles and Advantages of the Automatic Biochemical Analysis Instrument in th 1

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