Introduction to the Principle of Color Doppler Ultrasound, What Are the Conventional Ultrasound Rout

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Color Doppler ultrasound, referred to as color Doppler ultrasound, belongs to the more familiar examination items, and is widely used in outpatient examinations. Whether many organs in the human body have abnormal lesions and whether there are organic diseases in the human body usually need to pass color Doppler ultrasound inspections to be clear. Let me introduce the principle of color Doppler ultrasound.

Color Doppler ultrasonic blood flow diagram (CDF), also known as color Doppler ultrasonic (CDI), is consistent with the source of echo information and spectrum Doppler. The distribution and direction of blood flow are displayed. The speed is different from different colors. Double Gong Doppler ultrasound system, which is the position of the B ultrasonic image displaying the blood vessels. Doppler measures blood flow. The combination of this type B and Doppler system can more accurately locate any specific blood vessels.

Color Doppler ultrasound generally uses autocorrelation technology for Doppler signal processing. After encoding the blood flow signal obtained by autocorrelation technology, the blood -flow signal is superimposed on the two -dimensional image in real time, that is, the color Doppler ultrasonic blood is formed Stream image. It can be seen that the color Doppler ultrasound (that is, color Doppler ultrasound) has the advantages of two -dimensional ultrasonic structural images, but also provides rich information of blood flow dynamics. The actual application has been widely valued and welcomed. It is "non -traumatic vascular angiography".

Color Doppler ultrasound routine is a basic examination in the field of ultrasound medicine, which refers to the application of two -dimensional ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound to conduct routine organs and tissues, including: carotid artery, cervical vein, vertebral artery, neck lymph node, thyroid gland, thyroid gland , Heart, Eortor, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, ureter, bladder and prostate, abdominal large blood vessels, post -obtic lymph nodes, female sub -officials and ovaries, fetal and accessories after pregnancy, upper limbs, lower limbs of various arteries , Varicic blood vessels and various muscles, skeletal cavity, etc., mainly observe the two -dimensional images of tissue organs, and use color Doppler to observe blood flow signals and tissue organs size and morphological changes. The relationship between size, boundary and neighboring organs, preliminary diagnosis of the physical properties and lesions of the pupils.

Therefore, color Doppler ultrasound inspections are necessary inspection items regardless of men and female friends. If there are abnormal symptoms, you must go to the hospital for further examination. By then, the doctor will choose to check the project according to the specific situation of each person. In daily life, you can exercise appropriately, stay up late, and improve the body's immunity.

Introduction to the Principle of Color Doppler Ultrasound, What Are the Conventional Ultrasound Rout 1

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