Introduction to the Point of Conventional Operation Procedures and Use of Fully Automatic Biochemica

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With the rapid development of medical technology, the biochemical analyzer has developed from the past semi -automatic development to today's fully automated biochemical analyzer. The function is more powerful, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and the operation of the instrument has become quite easy. It is now widely used in the application of instruments. It has been widely used in widely. In major hospitals and clinics. Next, I will introduce the conventional operation procedures and use of the full -automatic biochemical analyzer.

Biochemical analyzer is an indispensable measuring medical equipment in the field of biopharmaceuticals. It uses an instrument with a photoelectricity principle to measure a specific chemical component in the body fluid. Due to the fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and small consumption dosage, it has been widely used in hospitals at all levels, epidemic prevention stations, family planning service stations.

The basic setting of the instrument before the use of the fully automatic biochemical analyzer (based on some reference parameters provided by the company and fine -tuning the actual situation of this laboratory). Conventional operation procedures: boot (preheating, maintenance)-Set the starting condition (date index, round, sample starting number, etc.) -Accultard the application of calibration, quality control, and patient measurement items (unprecedented barcode system, adopt sequence in order, order sequence When identifying the sample, it is necessary to check whether the initial number is consistent with the sample frame number and the application number). As for the preparation of the sample, the clinical use of a vacuum tube with a one -time separation glue is used. After the conventional vein is 4ml of centrifugation, it can be detected on the machine.

Pay attention to the main points of automatic biochemical analyzer as follows:

1. Control the measurement of serum and its control effect: Adhere to indoor quality control every day, and determine whether all data detected on the day of the day is reliable based on the results of mass control.

2. Control the quality of reagents: Select multiple reagents that are qualified for multiple detection of the catastic serum. The installation of the reagent should not be too much.

3. Timely processing the automatic alarm and results of the instrument: For example, the sample does not meet the requirements, the reagent or cleaning liquid is insufficient, etc., it should be dealt with in time.

In addition, before starting the fully automatic biochemical analyzer, you need to check whether the various use indicators of the instrument should be within the scope of the instrument. There are response temperature, room temperature, host refrigerator temperature; as well as the quality of water treatment, the light transmission coefficient of the color cup. If a certain item does not meet the requirements, the instrument is not available for the time being, you need to automatically adjust or manually adjust the home key instrument. After the requirements of the instrument, you can start the instrument to invest in the detection and operation.

Introduction to the Point of Conventional Operation Procedures and Use of Fully Automatic Biochemica 1

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