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With the rapid development of medical device technology, the development of the biochemical instrument has also developed very rapidly. From the past semi -automatic biochemical instrument to the current fully automatic biochemical instrument, the function is more powerful, the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, and the operation of the instrument has become quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite like Simple, it is now widely used in major hospitals and clinics. The degree of automation of the fully automated biochemical instrument has the advantages of easy operation, easy operation, fast, small sample dosage, and high precision. Next, I will introduce the operating procedures and use precautions for the automatic biochemical instrument.

The conventional operation procedure of the fully automatic biochemical instrument is as follows:

Putting on (warm-up, maintenance)-Setting starting conditions (date index, round, sample starting number, etc.) -Accultally, apply for calibration, quality control and patient measurement items (including frame number, cup number or sequence number. Measurement measurement. China can continue to apply) _ loading calibration, quality control, and patient specimen-loading reagent-checking instrument starting status (unused barcode system, when using sequential identification of samples, especially check the initial number whether the starting number is with the sample frame number and the sample frame number and Application number is consistent) -Bight and quality control measurement-Checking and quality control results-Patient specimen measurement-measurement process monitoring (reagent inspection, observation analysis results, editing correction) , Including work statistics, financial statistics, patient tracking, quality control analysis, etc.). Maintenance after measurement.

Pay attention to the following points during use:

1. Control the measurement of serum and its control effect: Adhere to indoor quality control every day, and determine whether all data detected on the day of the day is reliable based on the results of mass control.

2. Control the quality of reagents: Select multiple reagents that are qualified for multiple detection of the catastic serum. The installation of the reagent should not be too much.

3. Timely processing the automatic alarm and results of the instrument: For example, the sample does not meet the requirements, the reagent or cleaning liquid is insufficient, etc., it should be dealt with in time.

Before starting the fully automatic biochemical meter, you need to check whether the various use indicators of the instrument are within the scope of the instrument. , Room temperature, the temperature of the console refrigerator; the quality of water treatment, the light transmission coefficient of the color cup, etc.

If a certain item does not meet the requirements, it is not possible to move the fully automatic biochemical instrument, and you need to automatically adjust or manually adjust the Home button. After the requirements of the instrument, the fully automatic biochemical instrument can be launched into the detection operation.

Introduction to the Operation Procedure and Use of Fully Biochemicals-Pulang Medical Care 1

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