Introduction to the Component of the Biochemo

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Biochemical instrument, also known as biochemical analyzer, is a medical device used to analyze life chemicals in medicine. Since the first biochemical analyzer in the world has been produced by Technicon in 1957, different types of automated biochemicals such as centrifugal, continuous liquidity, sannar, bags, and division have appeared. Because the automatic biochemical meter is a process of imitating manual operations, no matter which type of automatic biochemical instrument, its structure composition is similar to some equipment operating.

The fully automatic biochemical instrument is generally composed of the following parts:


Place the samples to be tested, standard products, quality control fluids, blank liquids and control fluids.

Sampling device

Including diluers, sampling probes and pipelines that transport samples and reagents.

Reaction pool or reaction pipeline

Generally, the role of yarn (tube).


Provide constant temperature for chemical reactions.


Such as color meter, spectrophotometer, fluorescent spectrophotometer, flame light meter, electrochemical measurement meter, etc. Different automated biochemicals configuration is different.


The microprocessor is the computer part of the analyzer, also known as the program controller. Control all the movements and functions of the instrument. Users can "dialog" through the keyboard and the instrument. At the same time, the computer can also accept signals feedback from each component, and make corresponding reactions to send a certain indication signal to the abnormal situation. Analysis software and analysis results generally store in disks for inquiries.


Can draw reaction dynamic curves and print inspection reports.

Functional monitor

The display is part of it, which can view the situation of the reaction state, the "dialogue" of the human -machine, the current operating status of the automatic biochemical meter, and the results of the analysis.

Pulang Medical's PUZS-600A/B fully automated biochemical instrument, detection speed: constant speed 600T/h; 120 reaction positions, using quartz-color cups, can be used in circular; 90 samples, 90 refrigerated reagents, have a position with a bit, have the level of refrigerated reagents, have a place with a bit of refrigerated reagents, which have the position of refrigerated reagents. Barcode scanning function, etc.

Introduction to the Component of the Biochemo 1

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