How to Use the Non -invasive Ventilator Correctly and What Are the Operation Steps?

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Many of the obese people now snoring. Therefore, there are more and more people using non -invasive ventilator. The early intervention of non -invasive ventilator not only helps many patients improve the condition, save costs, but also avoid the pain of tracheal intubation, and reduce various complications such as pneumonia related to ventilator. So, how to use non -invasive ventilator correctly?

Patients with non -invasive ventilators usually need the following conditions: sober cooperation; stable blood flow power; no error -absorbing, severe digestive tract bleeding, excessive airway secretions, and unfavorable phlegm; without affecting the use of mouth/nasal mask Facial trauma; can tolerate mouth/nasal mask.

Steps for the correct use of non -invasive ventilator:

1. Evaluation. Before using non -invasive ventilator, you first need to evaluate the patient's condition to understand whether it has indications and contraindications that use non -invasive ventilator.

2. Check. Take it to the bed to check the information of the patient, and choose the appropriate mask according to the patient's facial conditions.

3. Explanation. Explain the purpose and importance of non -invasive ventilator treatment to patients, discomfort that may occur during the treatment process and content that requires patients to cooperate, etc., to appease the patient's nervous and anxious psychology to obtain understanding and cooperation. Improve the foundation of efficacy.

4. Clear. Oral residue, oral and nasal secretions will increase resistance, and may even be blown into the lower respiratory tract and secondary infection; when the respiratory tract sputum is more or cause the lungs due to sputum bolt, it will affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract and increase resistance. The efficiency of lung ventilation will decrease, affecting the treatment effect, and even the risk of suffocation.

5. Swelling. Try to make the patient take a sitting or half -lying position. The bedside is raised greater than 30 .

6. Connect the power and turn on the ventilator. Plug -in connecting the aircraft power, press the switch button to open the ventilator, and then adjust the appropriate wet temperature gear.

7. Select mode and adjust the parameters. The selection and parameters of the breathing mode are not the same, but the patient's condition is based on the patient's condition. Therefore, this step is essential.

8. Select the "standby" status key for the ventilator. That is, after setting the ventilator mode and parameters, click the "standby" status key on the ventilator. Do not start the ventilator to get the air.

9. Wear a cover and fix it. Wear the mask and fix the patient. At the same time, pay attention to the tightness of the headband to guide the patient's effective breathing skills.

10. The respiratory pipe and the mask are connected and immediately start the ventilator. The correct way is to wear a mask first in the standby state, and then connect the ventilator pipeline and then start the ventilator to get gas.

11. Observation and adjustment. Within half an hour of the ventilator, the patient should not leave. You should observe it by the bed and adjust the parameters according to the patient's tolerance, blood oxygen, heart rate and other conditions.

The above mainly introduces the daily operation methods and steps of non -invasive ventilator, as well as some precautions. In fact, during the frequent use of non -invasive ventilator, when encountering some failures or small problems, it is necessary to perform maintenance and adjustment in time. There are faults and continuous use. If you want to know more about product information about non-invasive ventilator, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How to Use the Non -invasive Ventilator Correctly and What Are the Operation Steps? 1

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