How to Use the Multi -functional Enzyme Standard Correctly?

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Multifunctional enzyme standard is a dedicated medical device for enzyme -linked immune adsorption test. Its working principle is to use the enzyme -linked immune analysis method to qualitatively or quantitative analysis of samples. Application is an indispensable instrument category for the Laboratory of Life Sciences. So how to use the multi -function enzyme standard correctly? Let's take a look together.

Precautions for the use of multi -functional enzyme standards:

1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the equipment from aging;

2. At the time of operation, the ambient temperature should be between 15 C -40 C, and the environmental humidity should be between 15% -85%;

3. The operating voltage during operation should be kept stable;

4. Operate the environment of the environment to clean, avoid water vapor, smoke and dust;

5. Keep dry, clean, and horizontal work tables, enough operating space;

6. Use the liquid to add liquid, and the liquid head cannot be mixed;

7. Try to use as much as possible to use the laundering machine to wash the plate. Wash this clean and effectively avoid cross -pollution;

8. During the measurement process, do not touch the enzyme standard plate to prevent the hand of the operator from squeezing the operator during the transmission of enzymes;

9. Do not sprinkle the sample or reagent to the surface or inside of the instrument. Please wash your hands after the operation is completed;

10. If the samples or reagents used are polluted, toxic and biological hazards, please strictly follow the operation of the kit to prevent damage to the operator.

Multifunctional enzyme standards are widely used in clinical maintenance, biology research, food and environmental science and agricultural science. For example, the Ministry of Health's clinical maintenance central and family planning parts have been substantially forced to use enzyme labels. Enzyme -free testing items are often some substantial infections and lesions (such as: hepatitis, AIDS, eugenics, etc.), and the results are rigorous.

How to Use the Multi -functional Enzyme Standard Correctly? 1

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