How to Use the Food Safety Detector to Detect the Fruit?

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Nowadays, food safety issues have become a boulder in our hearts. As the saying goes, the disease comes from the mouth, which affects our lives and health is that these foods with food safety problems are good. Most of the germs are killed, but the fruits are different. After this kind of meal, the fruit can only be peeling, but this is also unsafe. At this time, we can use the food safety detector to detect the fruits we eat. Are there any food safety issues?

So, how to use the food safety detector to detect the fruit? The use step of food safety detector is as follows:

1. First connect the instrument and computer with data cables, and then boot the operation.

2. Intervene in the 220V power supply line, turn on the switch of the rear, and then press the "Open" key. At this time, there will be a boot screen display, and the printer indicator lights. The instrument needs to be inspected for 5 seconds, and then press the "Confirm" key after the self -inspection, and it will enter the standby state.

3. Motor sample detection: In the detection state, put in a sample liquid with good coloring, cover the lid, and press the test key at least 5 seconds to complete the sample detection at this time. At this time, the screen displays the sample concentration. (Note that when the passage is placed in color, you cannot adjust zero)

4. Select "Settings" in the instrument to adjust the detection time.

5. Preservation: Move the instrument cursor to "save" and press confirmation.

6. Change the paper: When the instrument is turned on, the lid is opened, the plastic axis is removed, and the dedicated printing paper for protecting the paper is set to the black roller joints. After the paper is properly extended, press "LF" to stop taking the paper, and the installation is completed.

7. Turn off: If you need to close the instrument after use, you can directly press the "off" key. Pull out the power cord and data cable.

The above is the operation process of the food safety detector. I hope it will be helpful to you. The food safety detector has become a guarantee of food safety. Through the ingredients of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, nitrite, white blocks, pesticide residual content in foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meat products, gradually improve food hygiene, regular food Testing has also become a part of daily life, ensuring the health of residents, and solving the hidden dangers of food safety.

How to Use the Food Safety Detector to Detect the Fruit? 1

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