How to Use Sleep Ventilator? Tell You These Five Operation Steps

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Household ventilator is mainly home medical devices for crowds such as snoring and breathing. This ventilator is mainly used during sleep, so it is also called sleep ventilator. With the continuous development of science and technology, sleep ventilator products are constantly iterating. Small and light, complete function, simple operation, and more and more become the demand for the use of the majority of users. Many people buy sleep ventilator but don't understand how to use it. Let's take a look at it.

Sleep ventilator operation steps:

Step 1: Add water to the humidifier

Take out the water tank in the wetter, and then add pure water. The high water line is marked on the water tank, which does not exceed the water level line.

Step 2: Connect the pipeline

Ordinary pipelines are regardless of positive and negative. The pipelines of the sleep ventilator connect the host outlet and connect the air mask. If it is a heating pipeline, one end with a power -on interface is needed to connect to the host outlet, and the other end is connected to the pneumatic mask.

Step 3: Connect the power supply

This step is not difficult for everyone. It is like using any home appliances to connect the power supply before, and the sleep ventilator is no exception. One end of the power cord is inserted on the socket and the other is inserted on the machine.

Step 4: wear a ventilator

Regardless of whether you use nasal pad masks, nasal masks, or full -faced masks, you must adjust the headband and mask to the place where you feel comfortable. The tightness can be adjusted freely, and the mask can not leak.

Step 5: boot

After all preparations are completed, just press the boot key to turn on the sleep ventilator treatment mode. Some vessels have intelligent startup functions, that is, wearing a breathing machine mask to breathe once, and the ventilator will automatically turn on. You can manually press the switch without a smart ventilator. The vast majority of the ventilator is pressed gently. A small number of machines need to be pressed.

In addition, there is also a very important step is parameter settings. This link is operated by professionals, that is, after buying sleep ventilator, professionals will perform parameter settings according to your situation. If you encounter problems during use, please contact the professionals to seek help. Remember not to adjust your ginseng or change the treatment mode at will.

How to Use Sleep Ventilator? Tell You These Five Operation Steps 1

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