How to Use Pesticide Residue Fast Detector? Look at This Step to See This

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The amount of pesticides in my country is high in vegetables, and the unreasonable use of these substances will cause the pesticide residues in vegetables to exceed the standard and affect consumers' consumption safety. The excessive standard of pesticide residues also affects the trade of vegetables. my country attaches great importance to pesticide residues. It has stipulated stricter and stringent limited standards for pesticide residues in various agricultural and sideline products. Pesticide residue fast detector is a instrument specializing in pesticide residue testing for agricultural products.

Pesticide residue fast detector can quickly detect the amount of residues using pesticides, which can reduce the entry of too high fruit and vegetable foods to enter the market, avoiding harmful people's health. With the promotion, pesticide residues such as pesticide residues such as cities, supermarkets, and other places are increasingly used to control the quality of fruits and vegetables in the market. How to use pesticide residues fast detector?

Pesticide residue fast detector operation steps:

1. Prepare the sample solution according to the steps of the reagent instructions, take 100 microcracks of substrate reagents, and inject the control solution test and sample liquid. Then pour the control solution and sample liquid into the container.

2. Put the sample solutionocyrus in the corresponding channel, close the shading plate, and click the sample name button to select [Sample name], click to detect, pay attention to the detection time and the control solution consistent.

3. Click the reaction time to set the corresponding sample reaction time.

4. After the progress bar is completed, the test results are displayed. If you need to print, click the [Print] button, and click to print it. The data is automatically saved.

5. Continuously measure other samples and repeat 2--5 steps.

Pesticide residue fast detector can achieve safety testing of more than 100 kinds of vegetables and fruits. The volume of the instrument is small and easy to carry. It is easy to operate. It does not require professional training to quickly complete the detection according to the operation manual. The wholesale market, restaurants, schools, canteens, family and other places are all applied.

How to Use Pesticide Residue Fast Detector? Look at This Step to See This 1

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