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The main pesticide that causes the surplus of vegetable pesticides is some of the organic phosphorus pesticides and amphibigate pesticides that are prohibited in the production of vegetables, such as phosphorus, methamphetamine, paradole, and methyl -sulfur sulfur. Edible pesticide residues exceeding the standard vegetables are very harmful to the body, and it is easy to cause acute poisoning and may even die. And pesticide residue fast detector is a instrument to measure agricultural residues. So, how to use pesticide residues fast detector?

How to use pesticide residues fast detector as follows:

1. Prepare various liquids

Extract solution: Pour the extracting liquid powder into the wide -mouth bottle, take 510ml distilled water, first put a small amount, and then pour other distilled water into dilution.

Enzyme solution: Add 3.1ml extract per bottle of enzyme solution, and use it after shaking.

Related substrate: 3.1ml distilled water is added to each bottle, and it can be used after shaking.

Coloring agent: Add 32ml extraction solution to the toner bottle and use it to use it.

Take 2 grams of fruits and vegetable samples, cut it into about 25px, see square fragments, put it in the sample processing bottle, add 10ml extract solution, and set the liquid for 5 minutes to stand for two minutes.

2. Take a 10ml color tube, add 2.5ml of extract solution, add 100 l enzyme solution to the test tube, add 100 L coloring agent, mix it for 15 minutes, add 100 l of substrates to mix after the time, and immediately add 100 l to mix. Immediately Pour in the container and put in the instrument detection.

3. Take another test tube to make detection liquid, add 2.5ml to test sample, then add 100 l enzyme solution to the test tube, add 100 L coloring agent, mix it for 15 minutes, add 100 l of substrate mixing immediately after the time until the time until the time until the time is until the time of time. Uniform, immediately pour into the container and put in the instrument detection.

4. Open the pesticide residue fast detector power switch, enter the account password, and click the login to enter the detection page; then put the containing container with a containing solution in the 1st channel to detect, click the [control detection] key, and the control appears in 3 minutes. Test results;

5. For sample detection, put the containing containing the containing sample solution into each detection channel. Click the [Sample detection] key. After 3 minutes, the control test results will be displayed.

It is still necessary to use pesticide residues to be used for good food safety. The digital report clearly shows which agricultural products have the problem of excessive pesticide residues and which agricultural products are unqualified products. Essence

How to Use Pesticide Residue Fast Detector? How to Use Is Here-Pulang Medical 1

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