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Food safety issues have always been the focus of attention from all walks of life. In order to better ensure food safety, many cities have begun to use pesticide residues to detect food quality. Pesticide residues can quickly detect vegetables, fruits, food, tea, water, and soil in organic phosphorus and amino -based pesticide residues. It is suitable for industrial and commercial, technical supervision, health supervision and other departments at all levels. Agricultural products planting bases, etc. It plays an increasingly important role for food safety and hygiene.

So, how to use pesticide residues fast detector and what do you need to pay attention to? Unclear friends, let's take a look together.

1. Connect the power, the instrument begins to self -check, and the instrument is automatically prompted after the set temperature is set.

2. Reveal the quick -test card test paper, fold the test strip along the middle line, insert the red pills upwards into the test strip, the test strip line is placed below the paper tendon, and the white pills are placed on the heater.

3. Use the dropper to absorb a small amount of extract, drop two drops of extract on the white end of the test paper, and replace the pipe once each sample.

4. Press the instrument startup key and start heating to TEMP1. When the bee tweet rings and automatically performs Time1, after completing the time1 countdown, the bee tweee rangs three times, prompting to close the front cover. After the front cover is closed, when you automatically enter the time2 countdown, after completing the time2 countdown, the bee tweee continuously emits the "wow, wow, wow" prompt to open the front cover and stop heating. During the whole process, press the start button to stop the operation. In the whole process, you can switch time and temperature to press the "Disp" key.

5. Open the cover of the quick test instrument to observe and record the color changes of the white pills on the pesticide short -sighted card. The blue is negative, the light blue is weak positive, and white is strong positive.

Pay attention to the following points during use:

1. When using pesticide residues for the first time, it should be ensured whether the power of the lithium battery should be fully used. When installing a lithium battery, the user should pay attention to the polarity of the battery plug.

2. Pesticide residue fast detector must be kept dry than the color pool when using it. Do not seep the water into the color pool. Otherwise, it will affect the measurement results and the service life of the instrument. In severe cases, it will even damage the instrument.

3. After the instrument is used, you should wipe the instrument with dry cotton cloth in time. If not for a long time, the instrument should be stored in the dry place in the instrument box to ensure that the instrument has good accuracy, reliability and long service life.

4. Note: It is strictly forbidden to wipe the instrument with strong acids and alkali, and wash the instruments with water.

In short, before the use of pesticide residues, the instrument must be read carefully before using the use of the instrument instructions, and the operation steps on the instructions must be operated. If the instrument is abnormal, the medical device seller should be notified or sent to the designated maintenance point for maintenance. Users must not disassemble and repair themselves, otherwise it will affect the seller to provide high -quality services in accordance with device repair clauses.

How to Use Pesticide Residue Fast Detector, and What Do You Need to Pay Attention to? -Prang Medical 1

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