How to Use Non -invasive Ventilator Correctly? What Should I Pay Attention to When Using the Process

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As a medical equipment with auxiliary ventilation, non -invasive ventilator can effectively improve the amount of lung ventilation of the human body, thereby reducing respiratory consumption and saving heart reserves. There are more and more people using non -invasive ventilator, and it is mainly used in people who sleep syndrome and slow lung blocking. So what do you need to pay attention to during use? In response to these common problems, let's follow the editor of Prank Medical Equipment.

How to use non -invasive ventilator correctly?

1. It may feel discomfort when using it, which is normal. After a few deep breaths, after a period of self -adjustment, patients will gradually adapt to this new feeling.

2. If you need to get up at night, take the mask and turn off the ventilator; when you continue to sleep, please wear a mask and turn on the ventilator.

3. If nasal masks are used, keep your mouth closed as much as possible during treatment. Elected air leakage can lead to a decrease in efficacy. If the problems of the mouth leakage cannot be solved, you can use the nose mask or the jawbone.

4. When the mask is well worn and comfortable, the ventilator is good. Patients need to wear masks in accordance with the instructions to avoid the effect of leakage.

5. Before wearing a mask, clean the face to remove excessive oil on the face, which helps to better wear a mask and extend the life of the mask.

What are the precautions during the use of non -invasive ventilator?

1. Put the machine in a dry and ventilated place daily to avoid direct sunlight to avoid aging of the shell plastic.

2. Before maintaining the ventilator, unplug the power plug, disconnect the power, and wipe the clean cloth dipped in water with a mild cleaner. To prevent the machine from entering the water, the wiping cloth should not be wet.

3. Use pure water as much as possible in the wetter, the purpose is to prevent the life of scale in the wet tank; when not in use, it is recommended to pour the remaining water. After cleaning Dry naturally to avoid damage to the machine.

4. During the use process, do not use plastic paper and cloth for dustproof in the location of the filter cotton to avoid blocking the air intake.

5. The ventilator relies on the outside air and then passes through the fan to the patient. The filter cotton can filter the dust in the air, which is a consumable. The gray foam filter can be reused, but it takes two weeks to clean it once every six months.

The above is a simple summary of the correct methods and some precautions about the use of non -invasive ventilator. When purchasing non -invasive ventilator, fully understand the performance of the product and use instructions. If the machine fails, do not continue to use it, and timely feedback to the after-sales service staff of the product manufacturer. If you are interested in the non-invasive ventilator product of our manufacturer, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How to Use Non -invasive Ventilator Correctly? What Should I Pay Attention to When Using the Process 1

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