How to Solve the Common Problems During the Use of Non -invasive Ventilator?

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For the role of non -invasive ventilator, we should understand that it is a instrument that can help effectively alleviate sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome. However, when we wear ventilator to sleep at night, we always feel a little uncomfortable. How can we effectively solve the problems that are prone to non -invasive ventilator during use?

Question 1. Mask leakage

1. The mask seal the air. Almost every interface device involves that the "sealing" of this may be "cushion" or "pillow", or between the skin of the patient. The air is easy to leak through the contact points of these seals, especially when the patient turns around at night, or when the pressure increases (such as using an automatic ventilator).

2. Sleeping position. For example, a large -volume all -faced mask is not suitable for people who sleep on their stomachs. Many patients will relax their nose pillows during sleep, which will cause leakage to affect the treatment effect.

Question 2. Vecent pressure

The non -invasive ventilator uses a certain pressure airflow to open the blocking airway to achieve the treatment purpose. Therefore, some people will feel dry during the treatment of high -speed air flow during treatment. At this time, a wet tank can be connected to the ventilator to reduce the discomfort of dry mouth. You can also put a pot of water in the bedroom.

Question three: panic in the ventilator

The first time wearing a ventilator is like wearing glasses. It is normal and it can be overcome. Breathing here provides a solution for everyone, replacing the full face mask with a smaller nose pillow, and the nasal pillow does not cover your vision like a mask and generates panic.

Question 4. Noise

The noise coefficient of the ventilator is an important indicator of the performance of the ventilator. The main working time of the ventilator is when sleeping. Therefore, each user should pay attention to this indicator. No one is willing to affect the rest of the ventilator's noise.

Question 5, headache

Mask is not suitable for the main cause of these headaches. This is a typical reason that the hat is too tight. This discomfort will cause headaches, or cause masks to uncomfortable to compress the bridge or other parts of the nose, which will cause facial pain. Adjust your mask to make it comfortable and still form a close seal.

The above is a common problem that is easy to occur about the use of non -invasive ventilator in the process of using non -invasive ventilator. Once we find out, we can solve these problems through some methods. If you cannot solve it, you can contact the non -invasive ventilator to contact the non -invasive ventilator Manufacturers after -sales service personnel can be changed through their technical guidance and suggestions. If you are interested in our non-invasive ventilator products, welcome to call Proven Medical Equipment manufacturers for consultation hotline: 400-6656-888.

How to Solve the Common Problems During the Use of Non -invasive Ventilator? 1

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