How to Reduce the Impact of Cross -pollution on the Experimental Results?

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In recent years, the use of fully automated biochemical analyzers has provided a lot of convenience for clinical testing. However, in the process of clinically using automatic biochemical analyzers, some biochemical reagents will interfere with each other and cross pollution. So, how to reduce the impact of cross -pollution on experimental results?

1. In order to reduce the mutual interference between reagents, regular maintenance and maintenance are regularly performed. If the pipeline is replaced, the coloring cup is cleaned with the pollutant and acid washing fluid, and the pollutant is used to clean the nipple. Wait.

2. Reasonably arrange the order of detection projects: Generally, at least one non -interference item is required when arranging the order of projects. Set cleaning and setting the number of cleaning items between the items that cause pollution and the polluted items.

3. Full automated analysis specimens and reagents are small, and a small amount of residues will affect the test results. Apply waterless ethanol scrubbing and replace the dry rod regularly every day to ensure that no liquid is left after cleaning pollute.

4. Some fully automated analysis instruments have different channels, which can be arranged in different channels to detect.

5. Try to use dual reagents as much as possible when the instrument channel or reagent bit allows. If a single test agent must be used, the reagent manufacturer specially produces a special single test agent for some projects.

In actual work, use a fully automatic biochemical analyzer to determine multiple items. The detailed process of each reaction is difficult to detect, especially the cross -pollution of the color cup has no obvious characteristics. Therefore A set of methods in line with this unit.

How to Reduce the Impact of Cross -pollution on the Experimental Results? 1

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