How to Reasonably Choose Home Sleep Ventilator Masks?

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No matter what kind of medical equipment you choose, you will encounter the same problem, that is, the diversification of the product does not know how to choose. Naturally, home sleep respiratory mask is no exception. Due to the rapid development of household sleep ventilator research, various models and performance characteristics of household sleep ventilator have come out one after another. There are many types of household sleep respiratory masks that are available in the market. So, how to reasonably choose home sleep ventilator masks? Let me solve the little questions first.

1. Do you wear a mask or start it first?

Many people start with a mask first. However, air -blowing can trigger the ventilator compensation function of the ventilator, and the amount of air leakage is large. At this time, it will feel that the airflow is large, it is comparable, and it cannot tolerate it. This is also an important reason for the failure of the initial wearing home sleep ventilator.

Second, the tighter the ventilation mask is better?

No, it is generally appropriate to adjust the tightness of the headband into 1-2 fingers. Too tight head tightness can easily cause excessive pressure on the face, affect blood circulation, and cause pressure ulcers of the nasal surface. Tape over loosening causes excessive omissions and also affects the treatment effect.

The commercially available home sleep ventilator masks generally include headbands, masks, and frameworks. In addition, there are various styles and sizes, plus the design and patent of various manufacturers .. often let users who try to wear home sleep ventilator for the first time The dazzling and confusing, but according to the classification of the cover site, it can be classified as three types: nasal masks, nose masks, and nasal pillows. Users can choose according to their own habits, sleeping positions, and face shapes.

The nasal mask can adapt to more facial structure. Under the more stressful settings, it is stronger than the confinement of the nasal pillow mask, and it is not easy to leak.

The nasal pillow is a kind of mask placed on the nostril. The nasal congestion mask has the advantages of small volume and convenient wearing, but the disadvantages are also very prominent, that is, it is easy to leak air. If there are many people who turn over at night, it is not recommended to use the nasal pillow.

The nose mask can cover the mouth and nose at the same time, which can ensure the strength of the airway in the airway, and you don't need to worry too much about the problem of breathing. Because of the at the same time covering the mouth and nose, for people with closed phobias, they are generally accepted by the critical point of acceptance. Some users may psychologically illusion of breathing difficulties after covering their mouths and nose.

Therefore, buying a home sleep ventilator is to choose a mask according to your actual situation. Each mask has different characteristics. Try it before buying to see if it is suitable for you. machine.

How to Reasonably Choose Home Sleep Ventilator Masks? 1

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