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What is a nucleic acid extract instrument? Before the epidemic, everyone may not know about this device and may not have heard it, but with the outbreak of the epidemic to the current normalized management, we often do nucleic acid. It is also purchased and reported, and we are more familiar with it. But how did it run? How to operate, maybe we do nt know about these issues. Let s take a look with the editor of Prank Medical Devices.

First of all, the main structure of nucleic acid extraction instruments includes: case, mechanical movement agency, ultraviolet sterilization mechanism, lighting light, heating and temperature control mechanism, and control system composition. It is widely used in conventional scientific research, genomics, food safety, disease diagnosis, forensic identification and other fields. The specific operation method is as follows:

1. Open the computer and nucleic acid extract instrument and set the program template;

2. During the daily detection, put the reaction board and start the detection;

3. Results analysis;

4. Report results;

5. Clean/wipe the shell with a mild cleaner, do not use alcohol;

6. Block and heating holes can be cleaned/wiped with 75%alcohol.

Nucleic acid extraction instrument is an instrument for the extraction of the extraction of the sample nucleic acid to apply a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent. It can replace the original complex manual operation, the instrument automatically completes the treatment of cells or tissue, and analyzes the target DNA/RNA. In the future, with the development of the epidemic, its procurement volume will continue to rise, and there are many production brands. It is important to choose a suitable product reasonably. If you want to know more about the product information of the nucleic acid extraction instrument, you can consult: 400: 400 -6656-888.

How to Operate the Nucleic Acid Extractor Correctly? What Are the Precautions-Proven Medical 1

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