How to Operate the Hematic Gas Analyzer Used by ICU

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ICU is a place for the hospital's comprehensive treatment of patients. Most of the patients who income ICU have the characteristics of critical illness and fast condition. Clinicians need to collect medical history and related information in a very short time to analyze the main problems that endangers patients' lives. The blood gas analyzer beside the bed is a necessary medical equipment for each intensive ward. It allows clinicians to understand the patient's blood pH, oxygen pressure, carbon dioxide pressure, bicarbonate root, alkaline surplus and other indicators in a short time. Do you know how to operate the hematic analysis instrument used by the ICU? Unclear friends, let's take a look together.





1. Start the blood gas analyzer next to the bed. The power supply of the host and the air compressor is required respectively, so that the pressure of the air compressor reaches the rated requirements. Then turn on the carbon dioxide cylinder so that the CO2 air flow meets the rated requirements. Check whether the washing solution, reference solution, standard buffer 1, and 2 and other liquids are separately equipped.



2. Blood gas analyzer next to the standard bed. Two forms of standards are divided into two forms, that is, two points and a little bids can be automatically fixed. The total two -point standard is to use two buffering solution to set the PH electrode system, and then use the two different contents of the mixed gas to set the PCO2 and PO2 electrodes. Two points of standards are to allow the instrument to establish a suitable working curve. One point is to check the situation of the electrode deviation from the working curve every time.


After booting, the two -point standard automatic work is a must -do, and it cannot be interrupted. After two bids, the blood gas analyzer of the bed is automatically performed every two points every 12 hours. If necessary, the standard program can be used to set the standard according to the situation. After two points, every 0.5-3 hours, a pair of PH electrode systems with a buffer 1 pair of PH electrode system is made. The blood gas analyzer beside the bed also performed gas standards. First, the PCO2 electrodes were fixed with the gas 2 (CO2), and then the PCO2 and PO2 electrodes were fixed with the gas 1 (mixed gas).



3. After the measurement from the boot to two points is completed, the blood gas analyzer screen on the bed shows "Ready" on the screen, which is ready. At this time, measurement can be performed. Generally measurement and samples of syringes are measured.



1) Switch sample: Press the Syring (syringe) key, transfer to the inlet position, and slowly inject blood samples with a syringe until the screen of the blood gas analyzer beside the bed display the Measure (measurement). key. The peristaltic pump began to rotate and inhaled the blood sample in the measuring room. When the blood sample reaches the PH reference electrode, the peristaltic pump stops, the blood sample stays in the measurement room, and the instrument automatically measures and calculate. At the same time, the amount of HB input and the number of body temperature, the measured pH, PO2 value and the calculation values are displayed on the screen, and the results are printed.


As soon as the measurement is over, the instrument is automatically rushed and washed away the blood samples. After drying, the standard is fixed, and then returned to the Ready state, and then the second sample can be measured.



2) Capillary sample: When the instrument is in the RDADY state, press the Capillary key to transfer to the proofing position. Inserting a capillary with a blood -like tube in the sample port, the instrument automatically inhale the blood sample in the measuring room and stay in the measuring room and automatically detect it. The following steps are the same as the syringe inlet.



3) Trace sample measurement method: When the collected blood volume is less than 40 L and more than 25 L, the instrument automatically performs trace sample measurement. After entering the sample, the instrument screen shows "trace samples", and the downlink shows "only pH press 1, and the rest is pressed 2"; if the pH, PCO2 and PO2 parameters are also measured, you need to press the "2" key. Press the "START key" and "1" key alternately according to the position where the measuring room blood sample entry, until the pH is measured. After the instrument is calculated, the result can be printed. When detecting trace samples, it is necessary to carry out the order of blood samples and operate carefully. The measured value is basically the same as the full amount of blood sample testing.


4) Maintenance and maintenance: According to the requirements of the instructions, regular maintenance and maintenance of the blood gas analyzer beside the bed should be maintained. Especially the regular maintenance of the electrode is extremely important.



In short, people who work in the ICU room use the bedside blood gas analyzer. Be sure to be familiar with the principle of determination of the instrument and the working performance of each component, and read the instructions. Generally, it should learn to deal with it, both bold and careful. Once the instrument is turned on, it should be continuously turned on for 24 hours to give full play to the effectiveness of the instrument so that it can be used.

How to Operate the Hematic Gas Analyzer Used by ICU 1


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