How to Operate Slowly Hubbing Home Ventilator? Four -step Operation Process

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For patients with severe symptoms, general doctors generally recommend purchasing a home ventilator, because in addition to the symptoms of the patient's breathing difficulties, the home ventilator can also help patients to eliminate carbon dioxide and prevent high carbonate to prevent high carbonate. Blood disease, from the perspective of long -term treatment, is still necessary. But how does the home ventilator operate? Perhaps many elderly patients often play a good auxiliary role because of improper use. Let's follow the editor to learn about the steps of the home ventilator.

1. Connect the power. Most ventilator uses sockets, and there are not many ventilator supporting batteries, so remember to connect the power supply and ensure that the lights on the power adapter are on.

2. Add water to the wetter. The home ventilator will be equipped with a wetter, some are split type, some are integrated, with scale lines. We only need to add the water to the wetter, and then be careful not to exceed the high water level line.

3. Connect the pipeline. Then connect the pipeline to the mask and ventilator. The ordinary pipeline does not split the head and tail. If it is a heating pipeline, be careful to insert one end with a power -powered interface to the side of the machine.

4. Wear a mask. If you wear a mask, you may be relatively complicated, but you will be used to it quickly. This is because the method of wearing different masks is different. You can refer to the instructions or videos to learn.

5. Start treatment. The previous steps are completed, just press the treatment button directly to start treatment. Generally speaking, after the machine debugging, you only need to press a key to treat it.

After a brief understanding of the use process of the home ventilator, but in the frequent use process, the machine will inevitably have some small failures. Therefore, if it cannot be resolved by itself, it is necessary to give it to the manufacturer in time. Don't operate yourself. If you want to know more about the product information of the home ventilator of Prank Medical Device manufacturers, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How to Operate Slowly Hubbing Home Ventilator? Four -step Operation Process 1

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