How to Maintain Daily Maintenance? Specific Operation Method

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Biochemical analyzes have developed very rapidly since the end of the 1950s. It can be used in the fields of medicine, water quality, food and clinical analysis. In terms of clinical analysis, the biochemical analyzer is mainly used to analyze various biochemical indicators such as hemoglobin, cholesterol, transaminase, amylase, albumin, total protein, inorganic phosphorus, urea, calcium, etc. in human blood and other body fluids. Because the biochemical analyzer can provide doctors with comprehensive information of the subject, in recent years, the biochemical analyzer has become one of the commonly used test instruments commonly used in clinical analysis.

Biochemical analyzers are mainly divided into: fully automatic and semi -automatic. As the number of clinical needs increased, semi -automatic can not meet the test requirements. Therefore, many people now choose to choose a fully automatic biochemical analyzer. How to maintain it? What are the specific operation methods? In response to these issues, let's understand them one by one.

1. Daily maintenance method

No matter what brand of automatic biochemistry, it is inseparable from some necessary external devices. For example, pure water treatment machine (or distilled water), UPS protects the power, the external computer workstation, and the waste liquid discharge pipeline. After work, check whether these devices are intact before the instrument work. If the voltage is stable, the computer work is normal, whether the water treatment machine works normally, and whether the waste liquid discharge the pipeline is smooth. In addition, the laboratory environment is also extremely important. Temperature and humidity are key elements that affect the quality of the instrument and the life of the instrument. The indoor temperature and humidity registration form should be established, recorded strictly, and drawing the form every month. In addition, in terms of instrument operation, normal switching, daily cleaning instruments, sample reagent dosage examinations, and surface cleaning, etc., cannot be neglected.

2. Targeted maintenance methods

This maintenance generally requires a certain understanding of the instrument structure. It can disassemble a part of the instrument components, such as adding needles and quartz cups. When the instrument is used to a certain extent, there will be a sample needle blocking (caused by protein solidification in the specimen). At this time, it will cause inability to suck the sample, and the result is zero. If the pipeline is blocked. The phenomenon of water leakage and overflowing instruments will occur. At this time, the conventional cleaning program cannot achieve the effect. It is necessary to remove the instrument element hand -cleaning. Because of the blocking reasons, most of them are caused by protein condensation. You can physically clear it, and then analyze it with blood cell analysis. The deoxidine is soaked. For the pipeline of the rubber, it can be soaked with 84 (diluted). The effect is also good, but this method is not recommended to use it, which will cause rubber aging.

Third, replacement maintenance method

This type of maintenance generally occurs in the aging of the instrument, the long period of use, and the overload work, which will cause insufficient life of the bulbs, and the instrument element is too aging. The bearing is severely worn. At this time, you need to contact the manufacturer, purchase components and replace components.

The above is a brief introduction to the needs and specific methods of the basic daily maintenance of the fully automated biochemical analyzer. There may be some unprepared summary, which can be conducted in -depth understanding. Here you will not introduce them one by one. As a manufacturer of fully automated biochemical analyzer, Proven Medical Equipment currently has a variety of models at the current automatic biochemical analyzer. If you are interested, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How to Maintain Daily Maintenance? Specific Operation Method 1

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