How to Maintain Daily Maintenance and Maintenance Methods of Doppler Ultrasound Machine?

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As a commonly used inspection equipment, Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine can be exposed to frequently in the hospital's physical examination or some grass -roots hospitals, and as people's health awareness continues to increase, the frequency of their use will also increase. A common medical equipment, how to maintain it daily? What are the maintenance methods?

1. Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine is a precise electronic instrument. There must be a special person responsible for daily cleaning and wiping work, especially the daily maintenance of the probe is particularly important. The coupling agent is corrosive. If it is not well maintained, it will shorten the life of the probe. The cable of the probe is easy to disconnect or poor contact due to repeated twisting. When using it, be careful not to pull or excessively reverse.

2. Pay attention to the heat dissipation and ventilation of the B -ultrasound machine, and check the ventilation filtering device of the machine once a month. Ensure that the machine does not cause overheating and burns the machine.

3. The quality of the toilet paper is better, because the long -term use of poor toilet paper, the impurities and dust in the paper are too much, which seriously affects the cleaning of the machine room. More importantly, these impurities and dust will be sucked into the machine. As a result, the machine cannot be well ventilated and heat dissipation. Long -term working machines are easy to burn the components.

4. Ultrasound imaginger, especially the more precise ultrasonic imaginger, requires a certain working temperature conditions. The temperature is about 25 degrees. Do not exceed 35 degrees. When the temperature drops sharply to zero, the components and wiring boards in the appearance instrument are coagulated on the wiring board and power -on, which damage the original electronics. Therefore, to slow down the cooling process and keep the air conditioner continuously work. , Reduce the indoor relative humidity before turning on the air conditioning equipment.

5. Prevent strong light irradiation, such as: sunlight, sunlight, or other strong light lighting are easy to be aging on the display wave screen, light emitting speed, other firmware: such as probe lines and camera lenses should not be exposed in the sun. The windows of the computer room should be shade. After each inspection, use a shading cloth to make the whole machine shading.

6. Continuous working hours of instrument: During the unit time, the power -on should not be too frequent, so as not to shorten the life of wave tubes and instruments. In an appropriate temperature environment, it can generally work for three to four hours. At about hours, shut down for 20 to 30 minutes to facilitate heat dissipation and temperature.

The above simply summarizes the daily maintenance method of Doppler color Doppler ultrasound. If the equipment fails, once the work is stopped, contact the manufacturer's after -sales engineers to deal with it. At the same time, the color Doppler ultrasound adds artificial color blood flow information on the basis of the black and white B -ultrasound. Therefore, during the examination, the doctor will choose the actual situation and choose the appropriate detection method. If you want to know more about the product information about Doppler ultrasound, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How to Maintain Daily Maintenance and Maintenance Methods of Doppler Ultrasound Machine? 1

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