How to Ensure the Quality of the Blood Condensate Bidding, and How Does the Specimen Affect the Test

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Laboratory examinations using automatic hemorrhage and hemostasis can be used to provide valuable indicators for the diagnosis of hemorrhagic and thrombosis, the monitoring and efficacy observation of anticoagulant therapy, and the monitoring and efficacy observation of anticoagulant therapy. Most of the occurrence of thrombosis and hemostatic test results come from before analysis, so the quality of the anticoagulation test specimen is very important for the accuracy of the experimental results. Below we look at the effect of specimen on the detection results of the automatic blood condensate.

1. Specifications for the performance evaluation of automatic blood condensate should be carefully selected, and the specimens are collected, processed, transported, and stored in strict accordance with the standard. Standard plasma is suitable for hemorrhage detection, and its sodium concentration must be the same as the laboratory specimen.

2. After receiving the specimen, the test should be completed in 4H, and the plasma should not be storage if it cannot be frozen. In addition to the detection within 4h, evaluate and analyze ZUI to use frozen or frozen dried plasma. Because the people brought by freezing plasma have less effects than freezing dried plasma, frozen plasma is better than frozen dried plasma.

3. If the laboratory does not have ultra -low temperature refrigerators, the use of frozen dried plasma or fresh specimen may be better than the substrate. If frozen plasma is used, it should be kept below -70 C. It can be stored for more than 2 weeks at -20 C for more than 2 weeks. Frozen plasma results cannot be compared with fresh plasma.

4. After the measurement, the test results should be carefully checked and carefully checked. The test results must be connected with clinical clinical, and re -examination should be performed if necessary.

Use the automatic blood condenser to detect the specimen, and you cannot completely rely on the instrument. To get a high -quality test result, in addition to the instrument itself, you should also take quality assurance measures in all links. Reliable inspection report.

How to Ensure the Quality of the Blood Condensate Bidding, and How Does the Specimen Affect the Test 1

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