How to Disinfect the Home Ventilator and How to Operate?

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During the epidemic period, everyone needs to disinfect the daily necessities, especially the items that are often used, and do daily health management. It can effectively avoid the invasion of bacteria and prevent the impact of bacteria on health. So, how to disinfect the home ventilator? How to operate?

1. Disinfection of the surface of the home ventilator

Use a disposable cloth with a mild detergent for wiping, and then remove the excess detergent on the surface with a disposable dry cloth. 75%of medical alcohol can be selected when pollution is severe.

2. Disinfection of masks

1. Clean. Soak each accessory in the detergent or disinfectant for 1 minute, then wash it with a soft brush, and use water to fully wash the disinfectant or disinfectant on the accessories.

2. Disinfection/sterilization. Customer can be used with high temperature disinfection methods, and chemical disinfection methods can be used if conditions permit. Soak each accessory in 75 C for 30 minutes.

3. Chemical disinfection. Mask: Soak in 0.15%concentration of peroxylidine for 30 minutes, or soak in the 0.55%concentration of deotenal aldo, or soak in the 3.4%concentration of pentalate for 20 minutes. The mask is not recommended to use 75%of medical alcohol disinfection. Alcohol will accelerate the aging of silicone pads, making the silicone pads yellow and hardening.

Third, pipelines and wetter disinfection

1.0.55%concentration is soaked for 12 minutes in the aldehyde.

2. Putting each accessories completely in pure water, at least 1 minute.

3. Repeat the above steps twice and rinse three times with water.

4. The pipeline, wetter and mask should be air -dried naturally to avoid direct sunlight.

5. You need to choose the correct disinfection method. 75%of the medical alcohol is not a Wanneng disinfection. Pay attention to identifying the disinfection objects, and choose the appropriate disinfection method (alcohol disinfection, it is strictly forbidden to fireworks). At the same time, detergents and chemical disinfection agents should be used under the guidance of various product manuals.

Fourth, headband cleaning

Do not use disinfection chemicals for cleaning. Wash your head with a mild soap in warm water at 30 C.

Five, air filter cotton

Do not clean and reuse. It is recommended to replace every two weeks. In special cases, the frequency of replacement can be increased.

The above briefly introduces the disinfection steps and precautions of the family ventilator parts. For those who are commonly used ventilator, it is a must -have, which can effectively help patients with snoring or slow pulmonary obstructive pulmonary patients breathe smoothly, but often use it often and not perform performed. If disinfection, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, according to the correct disinfection method, it can effectively avoid the production of bacteria.

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How to Disinfect the Home Ventilator and How to Operate? 1

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