How to Disinfect Medical Equipment? Look at the Overall Disinfection Process Here

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The specific disinfection of medical equipment refers to the use of cleaning and soaking to remove a large number of or all pathogenic microorganisms on medical devices, appliances and items to make it harmless. The sterilization refers to the use of physical or chemical methods to remove the bacteria and viruses contaminated on medical devices. Many medical devices need to directly contact the human skin, blood and related lesions when they are used. Caused hidden dangers of medical care.

How to disinfect medical equipment?

医疗器械消毒是一个相对较为严肃复杂的过程消毒场所为医疗器械消毒供应室中心这一消毒场所在分布布局方面主要包含五部分分别是污染区烘干区医疗器械包装及Disinfection sterilization area, sterile area and auxiliary area. Different areas are responsible for different disinfection links. A complete medical device disinfection process needs to go through the above five areas. The overall disinfection process is as follows:

The first is to build files. The main contents include the category, specifications, numbers, etc.;

The second is to recycle intra -hospital recycling, and the staff needs to be recovered by the handheld terminal; if the factory is recycled, the RFID scan code is needed;

The third is to clean and disinfect the medical equipment. During the period, the employee card and machine number need to be scanned, and the operation process data of the cleaning equipment is recorded;

The fourth is to dry, and it also needs to do a good job similar to the third step, but this record is the operation process data of the drying equipment;

Fifth, lamp inspection, countertop lamp inspection, and describing employee cards and medical equipment;

Sixth, scalding (surgery), you need to scan employee cards, machine numbers, and record the operation process data of drying equipment; it is to pack the pot, and then place the medical equipment in the high temperature of the pot. Quality inspection;

Seventh, it is necessary to uniformly store or distribute medical devices after disinfection and sterilization, and carry out transportation and use.

In the process of disinfected and sterilized junior high school, for soft medical devices, it should be noted that any chlorine -containing washing agent should be prohibited from soaking in advance, otherwise it will easily cause protein solidification on the surface of the material. At the same time, it is necessary to prohibit the use of any washing agent with chlorine -containing washing agent for pre -cleaning. Otherwise, chlorine -containing washing agent will cause the material to modify, affect the waterproof effect, and reduce the service life of the equipment.

How to Disinfect Medical Equipment? Look at the Overall Disinfection Process Here 1

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