How to Disinfect Household Sleep Ventilator? Look at This Step to See This

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The chance of using home sleep ventilator has gradually increased, and for most consumers, you may not know how to use it correctly. You must know that there may be many bacteria during a long period of use. So paying attention to disinfection treatment, this is also more critical. Some people will be more concerned. How can we do a good job of disinfection? Let's take a look with the editor of the medical device.

1. Home Sleep ventilator surface disinfection

Use a disposable cloth with a mild detergent for wiping, and then remove the excess detergent on the surface with a disposable dry cloth. 75%of medical alcohol can be selected when pollution is severe.

Second, home sleep ventilator mask, pipeline and wetter disinfection

In order to ensure that the disinfection is thorough, the components should be fully removed under the guidance of the instructions.

1. Clean

Put the accessories of the household sleep ventilator for 1 minute in the detergent or disinfection agent, then wash them with a soft brush, and then use water to fully wash the disinfectant or disinfectant on the accessories.

2. Disinfection/sterilization

Customer can be used with high temperature disinfection methods, and chemical disinfection methods can be used if conditions permit.

1) High temperature disinfection:

Immerse each accessory of the home sleep ventilator into 75 C for 30 minutes.

2) Chemical disinfection:

a. Soak each accessory in any commercial chemical disinfection agent solution.

Mask: Soak in 0.15%concentration of peroxylidine for 30 minutes, or soak in the 0.55%concentration of deotenal aldo, or soak in the 3.4%concentration of pentalate for 20 minutes. Pipelines and wetter: 0.55%concentration of phenyl aldehyde soaked for 12 minutes.

b. Then all the accessories are completely soaked in pure water, at least 1 minute.

c. Repeat the above steps twice and rinse three times with water.

3. dry

The pipeline, wetter and mask should be air -dried naturally to avoid direct sunlight.

Third, headband cleaning

Do not use disinfection chemicals for cleaning. Wash your head with a mild soap in warm water at 30 C.

Fourth, air filter cotton

Do not clean and reuse. It is recommended to replace every two weeks. In special cases, the frequency of replacement can be increased.

When using a home sleep ventilator, if you want to deal with disinfection, you should first understand how the ventilator works, mainly using the built -in generator, which can produce ozone disinfection instruments, but in the entire entire Do not give up every dead end in the process of cleaning, which can achieve the effect of comprehensive sterilization. Especially in some dead ends, if the selected method is incorrect, there will naturally be many problems. It is likely that it will cause the growth of mold and affect personal health.

How to Disinfect Household Sleep Ventilator? Look at This Step to See This 1

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