How to Detect the Multi -functional Food Detector? Detect the Steps to See This

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Food safety is related to the health of each of us, and the reasonable use of multi -functional food detector can ensure the safety of food. Pesticide residues in food and food additives have been effectively controlled.

During the processing of raw material processing, purchase circulation, and food storage and sales, there will be hidden safety hazards. Nowadays, pesticides residue, veterinary drug residues, and illegal use of additives in foods are mostly crucial. The test steps of the instrument are simple and the detection speed is fast. So, do you know how to detect the multi -functional food detector? Unclear friends, let's take a look with the editor of medical equipment.

The detection steps for multi -functional food detection instrument are as follows:

1. Follow the steps of the reagent instructions to formulate [blank liquid] and [sample liquid];

2. Put the [sample liquid] in the corresponding channel, click the sample name button to select [Sample name];

3. Detection

Put the [blank liquid] in the passage No. 1, place [Sample liquid] in other channels other than the channel 1, and click [Detection] directly.

Put [blank liquid] into the passage of No. 1, place [Sample liquid] in other channels other than the channel 1, adjust the [response time] according to the reagent manual, click the [detection] progress bar Essence (The reaction time defaults "0")

4. Save (manually save);

5. Print (manually print).

In fact, there are many factors that affect food safety, such as bacterial microbial pollution, pesticide residues, and non -safety additives in food. These food safety hazards will cause human health to be threatened, diarrhea, carcinogenic, etc. The content of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, nitrite, white blocks, and pesticide residues in foods in foods. Instruments can simultaneously detect multiple samples, operate efficiently, and quickly detect food safety hazards.

How to Detect the Multi -functional Food Detector? Detect the Steps to See This 1

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