How to Correctly Use Household Non -invasive Ventilator? Introduction to Specific Operation Methods

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With the impact of other factors such as environmental pollution, the prevalence of slow pulmonary and chronic respiratory diseases is increasing, and many patients need to use non -invasive ventilator. Home ventilator is simple and easy to use. Using non -invasive ventilation treatment at home can reduce the number of hospitalization, improve the quality of life, and improve the prognosis of the disease. So, how to operate when using home non -invasive ventilator? What should I pay attention to during the operation? These questions are more concerned about patients and often ask. Before understanding the specific operation method of homeless ventilator, let's first understand how to work?

Household non -invasive ventilator is made by the establishment of a pressure difference with mechanical devices, which produces the power principle of lung ventilation. It has the role of replacement, control or assisting the human body's breathing exercise, to achieve open airway or reduce the effort of the ventilator, improve breathing difficulties, and improve breathing difficulties. It is an important means of sequential treatment of medical ventilator. After understanding the working principle, the editor of Proven Medical Equipment will introduce the specific operation methods in detail.

Household non -invasive ventilator specific operation method:

1. When using, please place the ventilator on a steady and flat surface, and keep its position below the sleeping position to prevent the water from turning back and cause discomfort.

2. Make sure that the filter cotton area on the back of the ventilator is not blocked by curtains, bedding or other objects. The air around the ventilator can flow freely to ensure the normal operation of the ventilator.

3. Make sure that the ventilator stays away from all heating or cooling equipment, such as forced ventilation, radiator, air conditioning, etc.

4. Do not place any liquid container with liquids around the ventilator to avoid the ventilator.

5. The condensation phenomenon may damage the device. If a ventilator is exposed in a very high or low temperature environment, please let it adjust to room temperature first, and then start treatment.

6. During the use of homeless ventilator, there will be many problems. Please keep in touch with the supervisor or respiratory therapist and communicate at any time.

Due to our aging trend, more and more people suffer from cardiopulmonary diseases, and the demand for home non -invasive ventilator is also increasing. At present, there are more brands sold in the market. It is very concerned that in fact, multiple models need to be compared. At the same time, we will understand the manufacturer's brand, production capacity and after-sales service. In terms of price, according to the actual procurement costs, more product consultation, welcome to call consulting hotline: 400-6656-888.

How to Correctly Use Household Non -invasive Ventilator? Introduction to Specific Operation Methods 1

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