How to Correctly Operate the Fully Automatic Board Washing Machine and What Do You Pay Attention to

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The fully automatic plate washing machine is one of the medical equipment necessary for medical research units to detect various medical equipment necessary for various infectious viruses when performing enzyme -linked immune experiments. Its function is to separate the separation of the phase and free phase in the enzyme -linked immune experiment. Compared with the hand washing method, the automatic laundering process used in the automatic plate washing machine not only reduces labor, but also reduces pollution, and its effect is much better than manual. So, how to correctly operate the fully automatic board washing machine and what do you pay attention to when using?

1. The operation method of fully automatic board washing machine:

1. Open. Plug in the power cord and turn on the full -automatic laundering switch.

2. Change the liquid. Choose the shift in the rinse column (do not turn on the conversion switch at this time), replace the distilled water of the fully automatic plate washing machine to the washing liquid, and return to the main menu after it is completed.

3. Rebate. Put the enzyme label to be washed into the tray, put it flat, stable, and put it well, and then press the pause key and the left movement button to automatically return the initial state. Essence

4. Washing board. According to your actual needs, choose the required laundering program, or change the number of times, rows, and seconds of the scrubbing by yourself. After the selection is completed, the cursor will return to the scrubbard, and then press the Enter key to wash the plate.

5. rinse. After the laundering work is completed every day, choose the rinse of the rinse column (then open the conversion switch) and then rinse, convert the washing solution inside the sheet to distilled water, and return to the main menu after the conversion switch is closed).

6. Shut off. Turn off the full -automatic laundry switch and remove the power cord to wait for the next time.

2. Precautions for the use of automatic plate washing machine:

1. Pay attention to dust, cover the dust cover when not in use.

2. The enzyme marking board should be stable, placed in the middle of the carrier frame, and the enzyme standard should not be too high or too low on the enzyme label plate. Avoid the effect of the solution needle card and the absorbing solution when the plate washing.

3. The standard enzyme standard board and supporting enzyme standard should be used.

4. After the full -automatic plate washing machine work, it is strictly forbidden to press the shampoo.

5. When there is a liquid dripping on the plate washing machine, the power should be disconnected first, and then the liquid is dry with a dry water absorption paper.

6. Avoid scraping the display screen with sharp objects to avoid scratching.

7. Place the scrubbing horizontally.

8. Ensure that the glue pipe is unblocked.

9. It should be noted that the interior of the fully automatic plate washing machine should be cleaned to prevent crystallization.

Full automatic board washing machine is usually unplugged, unplugged the power plug. At the end of the work every day, clean the inside and outside of the instrument, and scrub the outer wall and carrier of the launder with a wet cloth to ensure the cleanliness of the laundry machine. Wash all the pipes with distilled water to prevent the crystallization of the washing liquid from blocking the pipeline and affect the normal use.

How to Correctly Operate the Fully Automatic Board Washing Machine and What Do You Pay Attention to  1

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