How to Correct and Maintain Daily Maintenance

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Color Doppler ultrasound is a manufacturer's inspection instrument. When medical examinations and daily examinations, they will be more common, and when color ultrasound machine inspections, they will be safer without side effects. The frequency of color ultrasound is relatively high, and regular color ultrasound machinery is important to correct and maintain. So, what specific operations?

What is the color ultrasound machine to check?

1. Preparatory diagnosis, you can confirm the fetus and mother's disease, and confirm whether there are ectopic pregnancy, incomplete abortion, intrauterine thrombosis, ovarian tumors, etc. The diagnosis rate is higher than that of ordinary black and white B -ultrasound.

2. You can diagnose heart -related problems, confirm the main vascular disease, and diagnose coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, and lung heart disease.

3. You can check the condition of the abdominal entity, such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, etc.

4. Confirmation of thyroid and thyroid diseases, including thyroidistness, thyroid tumors, thyroiditis, etc., to confirm whether there are thyroid abnormalities.

5. You can check the mass of the body surface, such as the neck, breast, maxillofacial area, and some muscle tissue examinations, etc., to confirm whether there are important diseases.

How to correct and maintain color ultrasound?

1. Candidates must be familiar with the performance and conditions of the instrument used, strictly implement the relevant instrument operation rules and regulations, and use medical color Doppler ultrasound machines to strictly implement the operational routine.

2. When using the instrument, start the power supply of the regulator first, then boot the voltage stable, adjust the instrument keyboard until the state of use. Turn off the instrument switch first when shutting down, and cut off the power supply power after stopping.

3. Adjust the instrument, appropriately adjust the ultrasonic diagnostic instrument in accordance with the inspection site, and strive to obtain vocal graphs under the conditions of ensuring safe use. The host must master the adjustment of deep gain compensation, amplifier dynamic range, front processing, post -processing, total gain, average frame, or different specialware special software set in the machine to make the images of the fine resolution, contrast resolution and image uniformity of the image Reads a good state.

4. During the inspection, you must lightly hold the color ultrasound probe to avoid collisions. When you do not use a probe, you must place firmly to prevent falling to the ground. When touching the keyboard, the movement should be light. Do not knock hard. Do not pull the probe wire. During the use of color Doppler ultrasound, do not knock hard. Do not pull hard and drag the color Doppler end. During the use of the instrument, do not touch the screen of the color Doppler ultrasound monitor with your hands, and do not wipe it on the surface of the instrument with your hands or items to prevent damage to the instrument.

5. After each check the patient, apply a paper towel to the probe, and the coupling agent to keep the color Doppler probe clean. When wiping the color Doppler ultrasound machine, turn off the power and require it seriously and comprehensively, including the display, operating panel, fuselage, probe, wire, foot wheel, etc. Be careful not to drop the water into the color Doppler ultrasound.

6. When the inspection is over, press the freezing key in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

7. When there is a sudden power outage, you should shut down in time. After the call is stable, start after the voltage stable.

8. After finishing the day of work, check whether the color Doppler machine and probe are intact and do a good job of handover. Daily transfer of all instruments and supporting equipment during the daily handover, special inspection to check whether the probe is damaged, whether there are soft hardware failures, and register and report it in time if there are faults.

9. Clean color Doppler ultrasound machine once a week for regular maintenance and registration.

10. Maintenance of the machine regularly in accordance with the requirements of color Doppler ultrasound machine maintenance.

The above introduces the application and daily maintenance methods of color Doppler ultrasound. As a manufacturer of color Doppler ultrasound machine, Nanjing Schipusida is selling a number of different products. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656- 888.

How to Correct and Maintain Daily Maintenance 1

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