How to Choose the Type of Home Ventilator, What Is a Single Horizontal Ventilator?

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Household ventilator, also known as non -invasive positive pressure ventilator, is a medical device that can be used in the family. It is mainly used to treat sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, and pulmonary diseases such as slow pulmonary blockage and respiratory function. Before choosing a home ventilator, it is necessary for consumers to do a certain understanding of the type of ventilator.

At present, the common home ventilators on the market are divided into three types: single horizontal ventilator, single -level automatic ventilator, and dual -level automatic ventilator. Some consumers do not know much about these three types, and they may buy the wrong Essence

Single horizontal semi -automatic ventilator (CPAP)

This ventilator provides users with a preset -set horizontal airflow, and the airflow will not change with the user's breathing. The horizontal airflow of this constant pressure can "blow" the blocked respiratory tract to effectively avoid symptoms such as sleep apnea and snoring due to the collapse of the airway.


Automatic continuous positive pressure ventilation is currently a wide range of ventilation mode for the treatment of snoring. The ventilator outputs a horizontal airflow of pressure to ensure the opening of the upper airway. The actual treatment pressure can change within the scope of treatment pressure and major therapeutic pressure of ZUI.

Dual -level automatic ventilator (BPAP)

Dual -horizontal ventilator can provide users with two different airway pressures: when users inhale, ventilator provides a higher inhalation pressure; when users are exhaling, the ventilator provides a lower exhalation of breath pressure.

Generally speaking, friends who have snoring, obstructive respiratory apnea, and drowsiness during the day can choose a single horizontal ventilator; but if you have a lung disease and respiratory disease, the ventilator needs to be treated with treatment. It is recommended to choose a two -level ventilator, but the price will be relatively high.

Although the home ventilator is convenient, when used for the first time, pay attention to whether the patient will have discomfort. If discomfort occurs, the mask, parameters, etc. should be adjusted in time, and the patient should be given psychological guidance to reduce the patient's discomfort.

When using a ventilator, if the patient has dry mouth, you can eliminate discomfort by drinking plenty of water. In use, you should also try to breathe with your nose, close your mouth, talk less, and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort or leakage.

How to Choose the Type of Home Ventilator, What Is a Single Horizontal Ventilator? 1

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