How to Choose Biochemical Analysis Instruments? Look at These Three Aspects First

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Biochemical analysis instruments are also called clinical chemical analyzers, which are used to measure metabolites existing in biological samples such as blood or urine. The study of these liquids makes diagnosis many diseases possible. So, how to choose biochemical analysis instruments? When choosing a biochemical analyzer, it is important to consider whether to detect automation, the specificity of reagents, and the accuracy level of measurement. Let's take a look together.

1. Method of operation

Biochemical analysis instruments are divided into automatic or semi -automatic. In the case of automatic analyzer, the samples and reagents are prepared in advance, and then placed in the device to manage and analyze them from beginning to end. You can set the detection chain and adjust the rate. The fully automatic analyzer is more suitable for large and medium -sized laboratories that need to analyze a large number of samples.

On the other hand, semi -automatic devices are more designed to handle small samples or medical practice. In these cases, the analyzer must set each detection point separately, so the detection speed is slow and cannot be automated.

2. rate

This is the number of samples analyzed per hour. The use of ionic selective electrodes greatly improves the rate (see the problem of measurement technology type used in biochemical analysis instruments).

3. Random access mode

This provides a high degree of flexibility, especially for laboratories and hospitals with medium -level activity. They are facing more and more restrictions, and they must reduce the processing time while increasing productivity. By random access, the samples can be loaded randomly and continuously and the results of patients are obtained as soon as possible.

Biochemical analysis instruments have high technical content. With the support of scientific and technological development, many high -tech have been continuously introduced into instruments and equipment. Therefore, new models should be selected as much as possible. However, due to the large number of medical device manufacturers and different technical levels, products of different brands cannot simply reflect their technical level with the time of listing. When choosing a biochemical analysis instrument, it is a good choice to choose a suitable model according to the actual work of the user.

Pulang Medical's PUZS-600A/B fully automated biochemical analysis instrument, detection speed: constant speed 600T/h; 120 reaction positions, using quartz-color cups, recycling; 90 samples, 90 refrigerated reagents, 90 refrigerated reagents, It has barcode scanning functions.

How to Choose Biochemical Analysis Instruments? Look at These Three Aspects First 1

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