How to Choose a Multi -functional Enzyme Standard, Which Elements Are You Refer To?

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As the multi -functional enzyme labels have gradually been promoted in various universities in China, their purchasing volume continues to rise, which has also caused the competitiveness of the multi -functional enzyme label industry. A suitable product has become a question that many people pay more attention to. Therefore, what elements do you value when you choose to choose a multi -functional enzyme standard?

1. Filter vs grating. There are many classification methods for multi -functional enzymes, but they are simple to use their filtering methods as dividing lines. Generally speaking, it can be divided into filtration, but the filter and grating cannot complete the same test at the same time. They still want to use the grating when using the grating. The filter should be used when using the filter. There are also some experiments. , Another module cannot be implemented. Two categories: sheet and grating type.

2. Measure the wavelength. The measurement wavelength of the general multifunctional enzyme tag is between 400 and 750nm or 800nm, which can fully meet the color rendering of ELISA. The enzyme label has a single wavelength and dual -wave length detection function.

3. The measured light range. For the absorbance range of the multi -functional enzyme standard, there is no need to deliberately pursue the large absorption range, which mainly depends on the linear and precision within a certain absorbance range.

4. Optical system. The optical system of the multifunctional enzyme titles uses vertical optical road multi -channel (usually 8 or 12 channels, and there are single channels) detection. Generally, the silicon optical tube or optical fiber. There is a reference channel that can be calibrated at each measurement.

5. Detection speed. The detection speed of the multi -functional enzyme tag is the time required to complete the color measurement. Fast detection speed is conducive to improving the precision of the detection, that is, to avoid the differences between the light absorption between the micro -pores caused by the different measurement time due to different measurement time.

6. Language interface. Compared with the operating interface of English, it may often be affected by language, and it is difficult to play the role of the enzyme standard. Therefore, in order to solve this difficulty, the multi -function enzyme label instrument is now adopted to adopt the interface of Chinese, which is more convenient and fast. Essence

Although the development of the multifunctional enzyme standard meter is extremely fast, there are many types, and the functions are continuously strengthened, the fundamental function is unchanged, that is, the color determination. The basic requirement is that the basic requirements are to have good determination accuracy, linear and precision within a certain absorption range. At the same time, when choosing, we must also pay attention to comparing different models of functions, manufacturers and prices, comparison in multiple directions, in order to choose a suitable product, more product information of Prank medical equipment manufacturers, you can consult: 400- 6656-888.

How to Choose a Multi -functional Enzyme Standard, Which Elements Are You Refer To? 1

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