How to Choose a Homeless Ventilator? First Understand These Three Ventilation Modes

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With the improvement of people's health consciousness, homeless ventilator has gradually spread to the family, but for friends who have just touched the ventilator, how to choose suitable ventilator is a very tangled issue. First of all, we must know that there are several modes of home non -invasive ventilator, and then buy. According to the ventilation mode, household non -invasive ventilator can be divided into three types: single horizontal ventilator, single -level automatic ventilator, and dual -level automatic ventilator. Let's take a look with medical equipment.

1. Single horizontal semi -automatic ventilator (CPAP)

This kind of homeless ventilator provides users with a preset constant pressure horizontal airflow, and the airflow will not change with the user's breathing. The horizontal airflow of this constant pressure can "blow" the blocked respiratory tract to effectively avoid symptoms such as sleep apnea and snoring due to the collapse of the airway.

This homeless ventilator can meet the treatment needs of patients with snoring, but the comfort is not high.

Second, single-level automatic ventilator (Auto-CPAP)

Automatic continuous positive pressure ventilation is currently a wide range of ventilation mode for the treatment of snoring. The ventilator outputs a horizontal airflow of pressure to ensure the opening of the upper airway. The actual treatment pressure can change as the user's airway resistance changes.

Auto-CPAP and CPAP are mainly suitable for patients with obstructive sleep and respiratory syndrome. Auto-CPAP is more comfortable than CPAP, which can be understood as an upgraded version of the snoring instrument.

Third, dual -level fully automatic ventilator (BPAP)

Dual -horizontal ventilator can provide users with two different airway pressures: when users inhale, ventilator provides a higher inhalation pressure; when users are exhaling, the ventilator provides a lower exhalation of breath pressure. In addition, BPAP also has the S/T/ST mode, which is suitable for different diseases.

Dual -level ventilator is suitable for patients with pulmonary disease (such as slow obstruction) to help them solve the problems of carbon dioxide retention; in addition, severe sleep respiratory suspension syndrome patients and central sleep apnea patients also apply dual -level ventilator. If the user's requirements for comfort are very high, you can also consider dual -level ventilator.

The Schipstal S9600 S/T homeless ventilator is a fully automatic ventilator, which is mainly used to treat adult obstructive sleep and respiratory quality suspension syndrome (SAS). On the day of use, all symptoms such as snoring, breathing suspension, low ventilation, and hypoxia can be used.

How to Choose a Homeless Ventilator? First Understand These Three Ventilation Modes 1

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