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As a kind of home medical device, home ventilator has gradually entered the families of many people in recent years. Whether it is snoring, slow lung blocking, breathing function, sleep and respiratory suspension, non -invasive ventilator may be used for treatment. Many people are in contact with ventilator for the first time, and they may not understand at all. Therefore, I will introduce to you how to choose a home ventilator.

Household ventilator on the market can be divided into three categories:

1. Single horizontal ventilator (CPAP)

This home breathing opportunity provides patients with a constant air blowing pressure (this pressure will be adjusted in front of the machine and will not change with the patient's breathing). Through constant air blowing pressure, a gas stent in the airway of snoring patients can effectively prevent sleep and respiratory suspension and snoring caused by the collapse of the airway.

CPAP is enough to meet the treatment needs of snoring patients, but as the basic model, comfort is not good.

Second, single -level fully automatic ventilator (APAP)

This kind of home breathing opportunity is adjusted to adjust the treatment pressure based on whether the patient has a breathing suspension. For example, if you feel that you have a slight breathing suspension, you will increase the pressure slightly. When you feel that the breathing suspension is serious, it will greatly increase the pressure.

In general, it is an upgraded version of CPAP, which will be a bit more comfortable. It can be understood as a high -end vessel for snoring.

Third, dual -level fully automatic ventilator (BPAP)

This kind of home breathing opportunity provides two two -way pressure, one inhalation pressure, and one exhalation pressure. Under the premise of assisting the patient's breathing, it helps patients to discharge carbon dioxide through pressure differences. Patients such as cardiopulmonary diseases. In addition, BPAP also has extended models such as S, T, ST, etc., which are suitable for different diseases. The specifics need to be purchased under the guidance of the doctor.

BPAP ventilator can also be used to treat snoring, but in general, there are some small topics. After all, machines used to treat respiratory diseases will be higher in price.

Which brand of home ventilator is good?

Some people may say, I want to know which brand of domestic home ventilator is good. Different people use different machines, and they are different. Under the premise of reliable quality, go to experience more and choose the one that suits them is good.

The Schipsta brand's S9600 S/T dual -horizontal ventilator is a fully automatic home ventilator, which is mainly used to treat adult obstructive sleep quality suspension syndrome (SAS). On the day of use, all symptoms such as snoring, breathing suspension, low ventilation, and hypoxia can be used.

How to Choose a Home Ventilator? Which Brand Is Good? -Prang Medical 1

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