How to Choose a Home Ventilator, Single Level and Dual Level?

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With the improvement of living standards, there are more and more obese people, and often occur in sleep, dyspnea, suspension or snoring. And intervention is necessary. And home ventilator is a good way to treat "snoring". So, for home ventilator, should we choose a single level and dual level?

1. From the perspective of working principle

1. A single horizontal ventilator can continue to output a constant pressure when the user breathe. Regardless of the user's inhalation or exhalation, the pressure of the output is the same.

2. Dual -level ventilator can provide users with two different airway pressure. When users inhale, the ventilator provides a higher inhalation pressure; when the user exhales, the ventilator provides a lower exhalation pressure.

2. From the perspective of applicable people

1. Single horizontal ventilator is suitable for most snoring patients and OSA patients. Generally speaking, the purpose of our home ventilator is to solve the problem of breathing during sleep, and a single horizontal ventilator is a "expert" that solves such problems.

2. Dual -level ventilator is suitable for patients with patients with lung diseases (such as slow lung prevention) and severe sleep respiratory syndrome patients, and central sleep apnea patients. If you have high requirements for comfort, you can also consider dual -level ventilator.

3. From the perspective of price

For most people, a single horizontal ventilator with a higher price -performance ratio is sufficient; if you have a special physical condition or friends who require comfort, you can choose a dual horizontal ventilator. However, we must not simply measure the choice by price, and comprehensively consider according to the actual situation, and its own procurement costs, brand manufacturers and other factors.

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How to Choose a Home Ventilator, Single Level and Dual Level? 1

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