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When the patients with slow lung blocking and snoring people are recommended by the doctor to treat the buyer, they will often be confused, mainly due to the unknown of the ventilator, worrying about being pitted, so how to choose a home ventilator? Let's take a look together.

First determine what kind of ventilator the doctor is talking about. The ventilator as a medical device, even home, is very complicated, and there are many uses, so we mainly need to understand two types.

1. Sleep ventilator

Sleep ventilating machines are mainly machines for crowds such as snoring and breathing. This ventilator is mainly used when sleeping, so it is called "sleep ventilator".

2. Cyber disease ventilator

Common lung diseases, such as chronic obstruction, old slow branch, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, etc., such as obesity and low ventilation is also suitable for such ventilator, as well as patients such as gradually frozen people, thoracic deformities and other patients are also suitable for this. This is also suitable for this. Class ventilator. Generally speaking, the model will have ST, such as the dual -level household ventilator of Schopstanda S9600 S/T.

How much is the price of household ventilator?

Many intended to buy ventilator users, they are more concerned about the cost of ventilator. In fact, Xiaobian also understands that from the perspective of users, including our individual, we do not want to make money to earn money to buy an unreliable ventilator, which is not only useless to waste money. The market is a ventilator quotation usually includes factors such as brands, imports/domestic, ventilator accessories and ventilator performance.

As far as the cost of home ventilator is concerned, there is no uniform price. There are dozens of brands and different technologies here, so the price is very different due to these functions. If you want to buy our company's home ventilator, please contact us.

How to Choose a Home Ventilator? How Much Is the Price? -Prang Medical 1

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