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The enzyme washing machine is mainly used to clean the enzyme standard plate in the immunosorbic adsorbing test. Some residues after the cleaning enzyme standard board are detected, thereby reducing the error caused by the residue during the subsequent testing process. Because the enzyme labeling machine saves time and effort, especially in a large number of physical examinations, it is more convenient and faster to use, which is widely used. So, how to buy enzyme standard washing machine?

First, watch the laundry performance, that is, the residual volume. The enzyme launder washing machine is mainly used for cleaning enzyme standard, so the performance of cleaning is particularly important. The key indicator of the washing function is the residual quantity:

Second, suction method. When buying the enzyme labeling machine, there are different suction methods to choose from, rinse and cross -sucking at the bottom, single -sucking or double suction. Choose instruments with functions such as the bottom rinse and two -point suction fluid. The bottom rinse of the bottom is conducive to reducing the interference adsorption at the bottom of the microre plate; the two -point suction fluid can greatly reduce the amount of residue of the micropicidal liquid.

Third, compatibility and scalability of board holes. Compatibility mainly refers to compatibility of micro -pore boards with slightly different sizes and sizes. The enzyme launder washing machine should have the position adjustment function of the micropores, and the actual situation of the micropores in the middle of the box. The scalability is to adapt to some new applications, such as 8*6 micropores, and many plate washing machines cannot be cleaned.

Fourth, look at after -sales service. When buying the enzyme -to -board washing machine, you should understand the quality of the laundering machine, and you should also pay attention to the after -sales service after purchasing the instrument. The laundering machine is a relatively high usage instrument, so commonly used accessories, such as cleaning hair, washing bottle, silicone tube, silicone pipe, etc., can be easily bought. Choose a trusted and operated manufacturer for a long time to avoid the scrap of the machine due to the lack of a part.

Which brand of enzyme label washing machine has good performance?

Prank Medical is a brand manufacturer specializing in the production of medical devices. The enzyme label washing machine produced has multiple models. Among them, the performance of the DNX-9620A whole machine is as follows:

1. Residual amount of product washing liquid: 1ul/holes;

2. A variety of cleaning methods can apply to different experimental requirements;

3. This enzyme -standard laundering machine adopts double pump without positive negative pressure rinse techniques to reduce cross -pollution in the liquid road;

4. The operating system in Chinese, the operation is simple and clear;

5. Wash the medical and medical research units for cleaning 8 12 or 12 8 96 -hole and 48 -hole enzyme standard.

6. With the flushing function of the instrument's own pipeline, reducing the blockage caused by the crystallization of the liquid in use;

7. Have anti -overflow function: During excessive injection, the excess washing liquid will be automatically sucked away without flowing into the frame and instrument;

8. Have two points of absorbing function, and two -point spacing can be adjusted;

9. Have the rinsing function at the bottom of the hole, the rinse time can be adjusted.

Okay, how to buy enzyme standard washing machine? Which brand is good? As you introduce here, if you still want to know "what is enzyme label, how to choose a good enzyme label", you can directly click the title.

How to Buy Enzyme Standard Washing Machine? Which Brand Is Good? -Prang Medical 1

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