How to Buy Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine? Pay Attention to These 6 O'clock

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At present, there are more and more brands in the market in the market, which provides rich choices for different requirements of users. However, many medical device dealers or hospitals do not know how to buy. Next, I will explain to you some points for buying Doppler ultrasound.

1. High cost performance

The so -called high cost performance is to use less funds to purchase a clinical use effect and the Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine with a high frequency to achieve the effect of value value. This requires more consultation, consideration, and comparison. To achieve a deep understanding of a variety of brands on the market, we can earnestly study and analyze in any link, and timely grasp the market's information about the price of color ultrasound machinery, after -sales service.

2. Brand

The recognition of the brand in the market is the result of the strong product quality of the manufacturer and the result of repeated verification by users. Therefore, if two different products at the same grade and the same price are recommended, it is recommended to use the brand's share.

3. Simple operation procedures

Each Doppler color Doppler ultrasound will have a concept when designing, that is, humanized operations, what is humanized operation? That is, in a simple and clear operation method, it can quickly and accurately reflect all detected organs images and messages, and comprehensively consider from many aspects such as the keyboard design of color ultrasound machines and the size of the screen.

4. Technical parameters

The technical parameters of the machine are an inevitable factor for every buyer, and it involves the performance, grade, and functional configuration of the product.

5. Configuration requirements

In terms of functional configuration, high -end software and hardware configuration can ensure the function of color Doppler clinical application, but because of different use scenarios and frequency of hospitals, clinics, etc. Applicable software and hardware equipment, avoid repeated allocation, idle allocation, etc., and reduce waste of resources.

6. Normal operation of equipment operation

Whether the Doppler lottery is running normally, and whether each functional software can coordinate the work, etc., is the standard for reflecting whether its performance is stable. Frequent faults, various keys operation failures, prematurely falling off on table characters, detection messages are not displayed on the screen, and the probe is easy to damage.

The above is 6 points to pay attention to when buying Doppler ultrasound. A well -known Doppler color Doppler ultrasound machine is reflected from its high -quality ultrasound image. The quality of the ultrasonic gray gray image depends on the three parameters of subtle dislocation, contrast resolution, and image uniformity; color Doppler blood flow flow The image depends on parameters such as spatial resolution, speed resolution, dynamic resolution, sensitivity, image uniformity and penetrating power. When buying, pay attention to the purchase of the hospital according to the actual situation of the hospital, and select the parameter configuration reasonably to avoid improving the cost of use and waste instrument.

How to Buy Doppler Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine? Pay Attention to These 6 O'clock 1

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