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Enzyme -linked rabbit adsorption test (ELISA) has been generally carried out and widely used in clinical practice, and various brands and models of enzyme labels have continued to appear. In the process of experiments, a stability, good repetitiveness, and high accuracy. The enzyme label instrument with fast measurement speed can not only help save a lot of time, shorten the experimental cycle, and reduce the experimental cost. It is extremely important to meet the experiment. The measurement needs, provide real and effective data results, and provide accurate and effective data materials for subsequent work.

So, how to buy a good enzyme label? In order to ensure the smooth development of the experimental work, when purchasing, the purchaser needs to ensure the function and quality of the enzyme standard meter, which must be judged from the following aspects.

1. The appearance, like other products, when buying, our commonly used judgment method is to view its appearance, and we can see a lot of information from the appearance. Generally speaking, the enzyme labels produced by regular medical device manufacturers should have information such as instrument names, models, numbers, manufacturers, factories, and power voltage.

2. The stability of the enzyme marker.

3. The accuracy of the inhalation of the enzyme standard instrument.

4. Repeatability of the enzyme standard inhalation of light.

5. Check the speed of measurement speed.

The above 5 points are an important part of judging the quality of the enzyme titles. It is necessary to detect and analyze professionals, and to determine a enzyme standard instrument that is suitable for itself through comparison. If the above 5 points cannot be guaranteed, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the results of the experimental operation. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, when buying, you can focus on these parts.

How to Buy a Good Enzyme Label? Judgment From These 5 Aspects-Pulang Medical 1

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