How Long Does It Take to Replace the Consumables of Household Ventilator? Detailed Explanation of th

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Many people think that the ventilator is a instrument that can only be used in the hospital. In fact, many people also use ventilator at home. For patients with cardiopulmonary function and poor respiratory function, home ventilator can improve their quality of life. Therefore, the demand for domestic ventilator has continued to rise, so how long does the equipment consumables need to be replaced during the frequent use process? Do you know this specific cycle?

To ensure the service life and effectiveness of household ventilator, we need to keep maintenance and maintenance. Some consumables of the ventilator have a service life. When we reach a certain time, it will need to be replaced, otherwise it will affect the use of the ventilator. Let's introduce it to you in detail.

1. Air filter element/replace once a month. The air filter element of the ventilator can filter the air. If the air filter element is too dirty, it will cause the internal ash inside the ventilator host, increase the host loss, and may cause the dust into the patient's respiratory tract to affect the health system. Therefore, in order to ensure the filtering effect of the air filter element and the service life of the ventilator, it is recommended that users clean the air filter element once a week. After cleaning, it should be dried naturally in a dry and ventilated place, and the air filter element is replaced once a month.

2. Venture mask/half a year to one year. Vecent ventilation masks are consumables with high frequency of human epidermis. It is generally recommended to replace it every six months to one year. Especially the silicone on the ventilator mask, if the maintenance is not good, it will accelerate the yellowing and hardening of the silicone, which will easily leak air when wearing, which will affect the treatment effect of the ventilator.

3. Pipelines/No need to replace. The ventilator pipeline is different from the ventilation mask. It has no direct contact with the face, and the blowing air has long been unblocked for a long time. As long as there are no damage, leakage, etc. It is very important with maintenance. It is recommended to clean it once a week, hang up vertically, remember not to expose it in the sun.

The above is a simple summary method of replacement cycle and daily maintenance of commonly used consumables for home ventilators. For this instrument that can be used every day, in addition to using the correct method, regular replacement of consumables and appropriate maintenance It can greatly extend the service life of the equipment while avoiding the effect of affecting the use due to consumables. If you are interested in our home ventilator products, welcome to consult: 400-6656-888.

How Long Does It Take to Replace the Consumables of Household Ventilator? Detailed Explanation of th 1

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