How Is the Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument Operated and What Are the Detection Methods?

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In spring, the virus has begun to active, leading to the rise of the epidemic. Therefore, the use of nucleic acids to detect abnormal situations and truly achieve efficient prevention. So, how is the nucleic acid extract instrument operated? What are the detection methods.

From nucleic acid collection, transportation, survival, to extract to detection, the in vitro diagnostic equipment involved: disposable virus sample, disposable virus sampling tube, sample preservation solution, accounting extract reagent, nucleic acid extract instrument, RT, RT -PCR detector, of which nucleic acid extractors are the instruments that are applied by the supporting nucleic acid extract reagent from the motion to complete the sample nucleic acid extraction work. A variety of fields such as animal husbandry and molecular biology.

The extraction of nucleic acids is DNA extraction and RNA extraction, respectively. The principle of extraction of the two is roughly the same. In short, it is divided into two steps: cells or tissue cracking and nucleic acid purification. Nucleic acid extraction purification methods are commonly used in phenol/chloroform pumping method, centrifugal column method, magnetic bead method, etc.

1. Phenol/chloroform pumping method

Ethylene chloroform extraction DNA is a degeneration agent that uses phenols to be protein, repeatedly extracted to degenerate protein. SDS cracks the cell membrane. The presence of protease K and EDTA is digested with digestive protein or polypeptide or small peptide molecules. Leave from the nuclear protein.

2. Performing column purification

The centrifugal column structure is mainly special silicon matrix adsorption materials, which can adsorb DNA, while RNA and protein will pass through. This method can selectively absorb nucleic acids without adsorbing protein and salt, thereby achieving the separation of nucleic acid and protein and salt. It is currently a method for extraction of wide use of the kit.

3. Magnetic Pearl Method

The magnetic bead method is a separate and purification method of a solid -phase carrier reversible fixation (SPRI). The main principle is: in PEGs of different concentrations, DNAs of different fragments will be adsorbed on the carboxyl decoration layer of magnetic beads. These DNAs will It can be dissolved in the water to elute and recycle.

In recent years, the magnetic pearl method has become one of the essential tools for nucleic acid extraction, and it is also one of the essential components of nucleic acid automation extraction equipment. For experiments with a large amount of experimental samples and often experimented, automatic nucleic acid extract instruments are a good choice. As a manufacturer of a nucleic acid extract instrument, Prang Medical not only has automatic nucleic acid extractors, but also provides professional after-sales service. If you are interested in our products, you can consult: 400-6656-888.

How Is the Nucleic Acid Extract Instrument Operated and What Are the Detection Methods? 1

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