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In recent years, new hair infectious diseases have continued to occur, and laboratory diagnosis has played an important role in disease prevention and control. Testing for pathogenic acid is a common means of laboratory diagnosis. Fast nucleic acid extract instrument is a kind of supporting nucleic acid extract reagent from the use of the sample nucleic acid to quickly extract medical devices. Do you know how the fast nucleic acid extract instrument is classified? Unclear friends, let's take a look at it together.

Classification of fast nucleic acid extraction instrument:

1. Divided according to different model size

1. Automatic liquid workstation

The automatic liquid workstation is a very powerful device. The liquid liquid liquid and solution are automatically completed. It can even be fully automated through the functions of integrated amplification and detection. Extracting nucleic acid is only an application of its functions. It is not suitable for the extraction of nucleic acids for conventional laboratories. Generally, it is used in a single type of specimen and the extraction specimens are very large (at least 96, generally hundreds of) experimental needs. The establishment of the platform and the operation of the platform requires relatively large funds.

2. Small fast nucleic acid extract instrument

Small automated instruments are used to achieve the purpose of automatic extraction of nucleic acid by the particularity of the operation structure, which can be applied in any laboratory.

2. Divide differently according to the principle of extraction

1. Use the fast nucleic acid extraction instrument of the centrifugal pillar method

The centrifuge of the centrifuge method of the centrifuge method mainly adopts the method of combining centrifugal machines and automatic pipette devices. The flux is generally 1-12 samples. The operation time is similar to the handmade extraction. The consumables of the model instruments cannot be used, and it is only suitable for large laboratories with sufficient funds.

2. Use the rapid nucleic acid extraction instrument of the magnetic pearl method

Taking the magnetic bead as the carrier, the magnetic bead is used to adsorb nucleic acid under high salt and low pH value, separates the principle of separation from nucleic acid under low -salt and high pH, and then uses mobilizing magnetic beads or transfer liquid to achieve the entire extraction process of nucleic acid. Because of the uniqueness of its principle, it can be designed as many types of general volume, which can be extracted both single pipe or 8-96 samples, and its operation is simple and fast. The extraction of 96 samples only costs 30-45min, which greatly improves, which greatly improves it, which greatly improves, which greatly improves, which greatly improves. Experimental efficiency and low cost, so it can be used in different laboratories and is the mainstream instrument in the market.

The rapid nucleic acid extract inlyi developed by Progen Medical is a domestic emerging automatic nucleic acid extract instrument with innovative capabilities. Today, our company's product technology on the fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is quite complete, and the technical performance of all aspects is better. There are many models: PLH-32 (2x16) fast nucleic acid extract instrument, PLH-48 (3X16) fast nucleic acid extract instrument, PLH-96 (4x24) fast nucleic acid extract instrument. If you want to buy or understand specific parameters, welcome to call us!

How Is the Fast Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument Classified? Which One Is Better? -Prang Medical 1

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